Beautiful Sunset on a Beautiful Sunday

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As I write this, the sun is slowly and beautifully setting at my side of Earth. Sunsets are lovelier to watch by the shore.


Over the past few weeks, the government of Noveleta, a town in Cavite Province (Philippines) has been running a clean up drive along the shorelines of Luau Beach. It has restlessly homed sewage wastes, garbage, and trash over the last few years. It was such a sad sight to see.

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Thanks to this clean up drive, we were able to capture captivating sunset to add to our #beautifulSunday documentaries.

Noveleta is a resort town in Cavite province. Located in the northwestern part of Cavite, tourism relies on coastlines. The government has included this town in the Manila Build Up Area project, maybe why the locals have run this clean up project.


I'm pretty sure this was the same beach I spent some of my childhood summers at. Some of the old beach houses look familiar. Time has contributed to the facilities wear and tear. Actually, there has none left.


Pieces of sea shells were scattered all over, along with small bits of plastics, bottle caps, styrofoam and fishing nets. Looks to me rehabilitation takes a while. I'm not complaining though, after all access to the beach did not cost us any.

These didn't stop the kids from having a fun dip at the waters. They spent an hour wading their feet on the waters and making sand castles. They also had fun watching small boats pass by with fishes ready for market tomorrow.


By dusk, we decided to leave. As restoration of this resort is still on going, there aren't lights installed yet. And really tiny insects come out at dusk, I forgot my insect repellent. Yeah, maybe next time.

How was your weekend? I'd love to know about them.

Thanks for reading!

Jonah (and John)


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nice clean up effort adds meaning to your sunset