Beat Battle League Week #15 Update

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Still have time to get your entries into the Beat Battle League for Week #15.

This week is extended to Wednesday night (December 20th) at 11:59 PM CDT / 4:59 AM UTC. With the winners being announced Thursday evening(December 21st).

We already have two (2) incredible entries this week and the judging panel of: @chiefmappster, @danyelk, @instrumentals, @derekmiller, and @andrewlyte are very appreciative and blessed to be able to listen to your entries each week. Thank you again for all the time, effort, and resources you put into creating your music.

Week #15's theme is:

Comic Books


Courtesy of OG @djlethalskillz

Those classic comic books are treasured by many so let's see if we can pay homage to them with some epic comic book-inspired beats.

You could sample some class comic book shows or movies

Or create some epic comic book fighting music for example.

Whatever resonates with you and this theme let's hear and see it.


Here are the entries so far into the Beat Battle League Week #15. Don’t forget you can support your favorite entries to increase their chances of winning the Community Favorite prize.

If you rather listen in playlist form, here is the playlist of this week's entries:

ENTRY ONE: @scuzzy


Support this Steemian here to increase their chance to win the Community Favorite prize:

ENTRY TWO: @djlethalskillz

Support this Steemian here to increase their chance to win the Community Favorite prize:

Remember the entries are judged on:

  • Sound Quality: does this shit sound crispy, in speakers and headphones, is there cracking or recording errors? How loud can we play it before you notice quality issues? etc

  • Technicality: what are the skills you displayed in making this beat? The technical aspects of the your craft. The layers and sounds do they match? How many? etc

  • Creativity: how unique your entry is. How well it revolves around the universal theme? O shit we have never heard that sound before? Stuff like that.

Also, sharing the story about the creation of your art in your Steemit post helps the judging panel and community gain perspective and knowledge on yourself and the message you are sharing.


The prize pool is as follows:

FIRST PLACE WINNER: 67 SMOKE+ 18 STEEM for a total of 85 Points

SECOND PLACE WINNER: 51 SMOKE + 9 STEEM for a total of 60 Points

THIRD PLACE WINNER: 41 SMOKE + 5 STEEM for a total of 46 Points

FOURTH PLACE WINNER: 31 SMOKE + 3 STEEM for a total of 34 Points

CROWD FAVORITE: 21 SMOKE + 5 STEEM for a total of 26 Points

The crowd favorite can be awarded to any Steemian with any entry this week. So the first place winner could win additional rewards or it could be another Steemian. All depends on you the Steemit community :)

Thank you to all the members of the League so far and we can't wait for this vision to unfold for us all.

Remember all points earned in the League’s leaderboard at are part of the Steemit Music League.

Also, this week is extended to Wednesday night (December 20th) at 11:59 PM CDT / 4:59 AM UTC. With the winners being announced Thursday evening(December 21st).

We also now have an awesome interactive Discord Channel for everyone to come together, find vocals an/or beats, interact and get feedback on demos, ask questions, and even have access to the Live Music Bunker where you can hear a playlist of all that week's entries and listen to live DJing and guitar-playing by Steemians such as @seveaux and @beatseb

To join the Steemit Music Alliance Discord channel go here:

Thank you again for all you do and we appreciate the opportunity to enjoy your music each week.

Beat Battle League Week 7 Synergy.jpg

SMOKE are tokens are on BitShares. So make sure you have a BitShares Wallet to receive them.

Download Bitshares Wallet

Thank you as always for your time and attention. Really appreciate it :)

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Chief thank u becuz of u i met @scuzzy and lots of dope fellow producers in the community, thank u! bless up


You're very welcome brother o weeeee that makes me smile so big hearing that.

God bless buddy

Hey guys. here's my entry. might be a bit rusted since ive had not making any beats for a while but the challenge kind of got me inspired.Hope you'll enjoy it.


Woahhhhhh Dr Strange inspired let's gooooooo


Love the odd hat pattern, it's perfect. Shortly before falling apart, but it never does fall apart. Love that kind of tension in tracks, especially in electronic music production without a live band.

Here be my entry :) this is actually my first dub step ever haha, I always like a good excuse to mess around, grateful for your challenges here on steemit @chiefmappster, it was my pleasure

You can check my full post here


O heck yeah let's gooooooooooo. Appreciate you being apart of it.


Appreciation mutual :)



This extension is such a christmas gift, thanks @ the whole panel!


Ay heck yeah you're very welcome. Gotta love how the Universe works :)