Beam: A new cryptocurrency platform

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First of all, I’m going to simply define this:
It is simply confidential cryptocurrency that is based on the MimbleWimble protocol.
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Why many of blockchain lacks privacy
Since Bitcoin, the central utilization of shared electronic cash system proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, the field of cryptographic types of cash and square chain based structures have exploded conveying an enormous number of different endeavors, progressions and research papers. Today one can find such endeavors running from passed on figuring to Big business game plans and associated with all fields from the answer for auto wanders. Regardless, the principal prerequisite for people to store their money and execute security without relying upon a united expert is up 'til now the essential use case and the most fundamental, which is one motivation behind why Bitcoin is so far the best cryptographic cash and is as great today as it was ideal around ten years earlier. In Bitcoin, as in most cryptographic types of cash since your alter is addressed by a movement of trades which can be taken after back to the straightforward beginning of a straight chain. Remembering the true objective to exhibit the authenticity of the structure we need to guarantee that each trade in an affix is honest to goodness and to do all things considered without relying upon a brought together component, which is the key explanation behind Bitcoin center points and diggers. All individuals in the structure must agree or use more master terms "accomplish the understanding", on an official variation of the trade history and have the ability to do in that capacity without trusting in each other or some other person. The limit of the system to do in that capacity is the veritable nature of the Bitcoin, however.
How it will change the way crypto users store value!
1-The user will have complete control
2-In beam, the transaction does not cause bloating
3-In this, blocks are mined with the help of equihash
4-No address will be saved in the blockchain so it will provide you with 100% privacy
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Now let’s talk About MimbleWimble
In August 2016 a new protocol was published by an anonymous author, suggesting an elegant approach to the topic of the efficient confidential blockchain. It is called MimbleWimble, a reference 3 to a spell from Harry Potter books, and it builds upon two concepts originally proposed by Greg Maxwell, namely Confidential Transactions and Transaction Cut.


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nice article, thanks for sharing and keep up the great content. I will have a look into Beam!

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