Beach Wednesday

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Gracias amigo :)

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Fun on the beach! :)
I need to get to a beach soon too... Cool shots, my fav is the second - that ship almost looks like its sitting on land... :D

It's not the fanciest but it is a beach : ) Haha

Those big ships line up out there waiting to get in the harbor... They're sort of cool to shoot but i would like it better if they weren't around. They are pretty dirty and pollute the air and water : (

Howdy sir rossfletcher! That beach looks gigantic, how wide is that thing anyway? Are those paragliders?

It's about 200 yards or more... I'm not really sure. Everyone usually goes right to the edge by the ocean. So there's a lot of empty beach even on crowded days. It's never full. There aren't enough places to park! Haha

They are kite surfing sails. Pretty high tech stuff with those guys!

Howdy today sir rossfletcher! You mean people are being pulled on a surf board with those sails?

They have really tiny boards. Somewhat like a shorter wider snowboard. They also have hydrofoil boards that lift up out of the water. The guy in the last shot is carrying a Hydrofoil board but you can't see it very well

Very interesting, yes I see that board. Have you ever done that, the kite surfing or is that a new thing?

I haven't tried it. It's been around for awhile. It evolved from windsurfing where the sail was on a mast on the board.

It looks pretty cool, the power of the wind driving a sail that big seems like it would be a rush!

They really get moving fast! Some big air too