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For a very long time, since I started my Steemmonsters adventure, I have had one level 2 alpha alric. I started playing in beta so once I needed higher levels the card started gathering dust. After a while I set myself the goal of maxing the card out and at first it was, well, not easy but certainly achievable. As time went on its rarity and price have increased making my task harder and harder. However, today I have maxed my alpha alric!

Just for a sense of the difficulty, the market is now only selling at $1.75 per bcx for a maxed card or a whopping $4.90 for a single.

I don't plan on selling, even with such attractive prices, it is the pride of my collection.


I also play using mostly that splinter because all my other cards are rather low level... Not that my blue deck is something to be proud about, I only can play at silver tiers. I feel like I'm stuck on steemmonsters since I can't afford to buy cards and the rewards for each season don't give me anything that allow moving forward 😔

Yes it can be easy to get stuck, I have been stuck at gold and not being able to play in diamond for about 7 months now. My plan is having two splinters I can play and eventually maxing them both. Although I'm not even half way to maxing water so it will take a while.

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