Bastrastanovia Music Industry 1 of 2

in #bastrastanovialast year (edited)

The sound of war is diverse. Silence is war. Where hackers may infiltrate with the subordination of criminal mafia existing in the music industry is under the scope of the Bastrastanovian offensive. The military agency of subordination always requires suggestion. It is the suggestion a person accepts in offering that makes them apart from one another. The coupling of agency is known. The noble assist because the mission is one that present an obvious reason for methodology. The King of Bastrastanovia is not a decision maker in command. The King's command is an offering that concludes the distance between silences creates interpretation in action. The acts of war are for revelation. Once peace is achieved enlightment can begin. To act with justice is to provide explanation that merritts elementary action. Upon discovery of action the justice shall see the truth of nobility. The conquest shall achieve the restoration of freedom in the nation over the sea. The communist party assisting previous agency in concert shall lose once more. The victorius voice shall intercept the interceptors with valor and remain free by application of specific leverage.

"It's painful to understand mortality. It's a danger to gamble against all odds. It's odds that creates a need for assistance to lift the burden from the civilian population over the sea. The threat from within creates a dangerous culture that has degraded expectancy of action. The innocent shall be provided a justice from military operative elitist command. The wealth stolen shall be seized. The characters made celebrity shall see their youth is gone. The world thereafter shall be set free of the criminal organization's propagation. The execution of necessary action shall be by the grace of heaven's lead commander. The war declared shall be ended with a story that fills the talk of generations beyond our own time. All before us today to hear shall know our eternity has forgiveness found. The cold eyes of finalization shall tear without morning for those resting now. The supreme commander shall set forth from his people a path that manifests salvation. In my heart. I love all. And, though my body may allow for the spirit to fill you by word. My Kingdom is my love. None shall take upon them demons in exchange for noble action. The character of justice shall be one whom has been conditioned to tell themselves the truth. The world loves me! I am a pleasure to be within another's presence. I am mortal. I am the truth in the Kingdom shining the sun upon thee. With all my apologies forgive the precognitive for I am the greater goods work of art. In all that lay within the odds I stand uniquely. Before thee I present to you additional matters of concern. If thou shall accept modern creation. All the bounty upon thee shall be discovered. The illumination shall bring forth the might that stands to leave investigative agency after in marvel. None shall defy the future of those that have stepped so carefully with goodnesses foot forward. The action of our Kingdom's play makes way for a movement of wealth to persist in empowering those otherwise resisting. The greatest of words shall be spoken, and few shall know their weight. It is the collective that is elite among this voice that prevails. Believe in me! I shall restore our Kingdom in a fullness that brings peace to the world. The take up of their preachers shall have the holiest response wait not and want never. With urgency the investigation shall begin upon the rising of a new sunlight. The arm of evil shall be dropped. The face of our world shall stand victorious over those that are about to fall. The ignorant among their dead should have been enough to stop the criminal mafia antics. The catagorization of mafia in the music industry shall be addressed. The fate of illegal characters finalized. The freezing of criminal capitalization pools shall make public notice. The war for the Kingdom is eternal. The street was never meant to be left for terroristic scenes. Those terrorizing the nation over the sea shall be evolved with goodness enthroned."


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