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My fav gaming company 2K lets the women on the court

So the famous game NBA Edition 2K20 now includes ladies for the first time! - what a news for the sports ladies here and around the world! Next month NBA 2K20 will be released, then fans will not only be able to play with the male NBA players, but also with the female basketball players on the court. All twelve WNBA teams will be integrated into the simulation.

It was actually long overdue, but now developer 2K has included the female players in their basketball simulation as well. In NBA 2K20 the ladies of the WNBA celebrate their debut. The Play Now and Season modes will include the twelve WNBA teams.

2K promises the same diligence as its male colleagues and has created gameplay animations and play styles exclusively for women's sports.

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this is great news as a 'girl' gamer, I have been getting a few new games and am stuck on a couple now on PS4Now and such....put this on my "to get" list.
Great news/progress

Great, looking forward to your game review then - maybe as video showing how girls (you please) do dunk a basketball