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RE: Elon Musk Foresees us Adopting Some Form of Universal Basic Income

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It is as much a cultural and attitude change when you effectively pay people to stay out of the workforce. I believe, in the main, if there was no need to work most people would want to either study, do research or even undertake some sort of voluntary work (as distinct from Voluntary social work - although not excluded). At present because many feel (and are) forced to work for wages our attitude is generally to relax when we are not required at work. We now have children who are well educated (in many countries) who take a gap year, then study and study and study and maybe do some paid work part-time. This is only the first step in the change that is to come - roll on the Robot Revolution.


The change of culture and attitude are a great point and I totally agree. We basically work the bulk of our life to 'buy the rest back' (i.e. retirement) looking for that down time when we are between shifts/work days.

Making that change isn't going to be terribly easy, especially at first while it seems like that relaxing time is what were needing (understandable) so badly. So many of us feel the overwork whether by choice or always seems to catch up to us. While it's not always put to the best of uses...boredom does cause people to react, ideally by finding their own passions and putting effort into that, but admittedly some do choose to numb themselves to that internal drive to do something (i.e. drugs, alcohol, etc.)

Currently (in the US) we do also have unemployment benefits that easily last up to two years with rules in place to actually prevent people from working. Typically these benefits are lost once you start a new job, so unless your getting offered an amount over the unemployment check, it actually impedes work. Lol.

I'm with you, there's no denying the robot revolution, so we might as well start trying to adapt ourselves now.

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