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RE: Elon Musk Foresees us Adopting Some Form of Universal Basic Income

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It's a very interesting question. So much of society and life is based around working at a job. UBI gives you the freedom to work at what you want to do rather than whatever you can find that someone will pay you for. Also, undesireable jobs that still need to be done will need to be made more appealing, since no one would be forced to do it just to survive; most likely by higher wages. I personally think it would be a fantastic thing and would create some really radical and positive changes in society.
"Why do we work?" is a question that is not asked nearly enough.


Exactly! I know there are the two schools of thought on this; one saying UBI causes pure laziness and the other saying it frees people up to actually do what they want versus have to do.

I'll admit I'm overall in the latter, believing most people would take advantage of the freedom of time they are allotted. Even if it's not their ideal job, they can work a more menial task here and there for the extra money...saying saving up for a luxury or something.

Personally, I view work (once the basics have been met) as a personal grasp for betterment. This could be acquiring something material they want or more abstract of being able to find what they are truly passionate/curious about and go down that path (even if not necessarily paid the whole way.) The game changes in my mind when we don't 'have' to do things (i.e. acquire enough to be fed/sheltered/etc) and allowed to truly explore our desires/curiosities/etc.

I truly hope to see these various UBI experiments show positive Steemit, it's one of those things we have to actually see be successful before most people would believe it. :)

I think the requirement to have a job overall hinders society. Just think of how many brilliant minds are trapped in deadend menial jobs because if they don't work those long shifts day after day they won't have enough to eat or money to pay rent etc. Now with automation and UBI we could end that and see some really great things.
As a counter to people being lazy, the most driven brilliant and productive individuals do the work they do, not just to feed themselves, or earn money, they want to make a contribution to better society or whatever field they are working in and I think UBI would let more people do that. Sure, some would just sit back and enjoy a very humble existence, but I don't think there's anything fundamentaly wrong with taking that route either.

Im completely on the same page with you. When a person wants to be doing something, effiency and productivity have to be higher in that state. It'd be like deciding consciously to play your favorite game (competitively) to lose. Lol

This topic always reminds me of a microbiologist being interviewed who said that a cell is always in one of two states; defensive or growth. I see our state of mind in a similar way.

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