Oh really?!? Is there an article or write up on it? Just being curious on how they are setting it up and to see what results they get...good or bad.

Hehe, I'm trying. I've got one more Musk related post (a shorter one) I hope to knock out tomorrow. I probably won't get to the 5th in a row on Friday though with that being my moving day.

As much as I despise the Google for actually being evil..... here is a complete search string on the topic, for my Province in #Canadastan on the subject with links to everything and gov't websites and propaganda lol

Ah nice! Ty. I didn't know exactly where you were in the world, forgot about the Canadastan, lol. I'll definitely read up, just being curious.

LOL. No problem! I will send you a quick PM on FB. Safe travels!

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