Dodgers beat Rockies to move within half game of lead

in baseball •  4 months ago

The Los Angeles Dodgers behind the pitching of ace left hander Clayton Kershaw beat the Colorado Rockies to pull a half game behind them in the national league western division. Clayton Kershaw was his usual self going six inning and just giving up two runs and six hits while striking out seven batters. He was helped by the offence by right fielder Yasiel Puig with a single and a home run and driving in two of the four runs. Cody Bellinger also
is (26).jpg had two hits and drove in one run with a double. The relief pitching was up to the challenger last night with three strong inning allowing no runs. The Los Angeles Dodgers were still without their all star closer Kenly Jansen , who the doctor advised to stay in Los Angeles for this three game series. The Los Angeles Dodgers have two more games in Colorado, with Walker Buehler rookie right hander Going against Colorado rockies pitcher Kyle Freeland.

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