I now have a steemit banner.

in banner •  8 months ago

Thanks to @kayyam09 for promptly putting together a banner for me. Now can have a flashy banner for my posts.

I had seen his advertising on the@minnowsupport buy sell swap discord server. I highly recommend just joining discord for that channel. It's a great place to buy and sell stuff. He put up with my constant request and hammered out this banner for me. His prices are flexible, I gave him a tip for being so quick and taking some extra request. Hit him up.

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Looks cool as fuck, and suits you.


Aww thanks. 😁


@alexbeyman Contact me for Custom Banner Designs or anything related to imagery and photo editing ♡

Gave you an upvote please return the favor?

So amazing banner

Thank you for using my service @alaqrad. I hope you were pleased by the speed of my service and hope to see you soon. ♡