Banks not looking good. Here comes POMO

in #banking3 years ago

The Federal Reserve has permanently opened the REPO window for bank liquidity. What does this mean? It means most all banks need to borrow short term funds to meet basic funding requirements. Most banks are short cash for 24 to 48 hours at a time. Banks are not lending to other banks even on short 24 to 48 hour lending terms.

Banks do not trust banks to get paid back. The Federal Reserve is opening the spigot of money endlessly. They are calling the new program Permanent Open Market Operations (POMO). What does this mean? The global banking system is finished. It failed completely in 2008 and it has never been fixed.

In fact, the global banking system was finished back in August 1971 when Nixon closed the Gold Window. Hyper inflation as well as some stag inflation will be increasing until all Fiat currencies collapse. The world is desperately seeking yield now that there is over $17 Trillion in negative interest rate territory. The last "fake" life raft, being the U.S. Stock Market will attract all last bits of liquidity world wide.

Even the fake and phony stock market will eventually go poof! What then. People will fire escape panic into Crypto's, gold and silver. That is about all that is left. Rare paintings, classic cars, real estate and precious gems have already been scooped up by the elite.

My assessment is that even those assets will not be enough to survive what is coming. What we are facing is way beyond man. Most are not attuned to other realities that exist. Most are "blind' if you will. They do not see that non human forces are also involved.

Well, hold on tight. It is just a matter of a couple or few years before all bubbles pop and the world community looses all faith in any financial institution or government. Then what? Well the answer may surprise you.


It's not going to be pretty, has me scared a bit.

Me too. It is not looking good. They will "Bail in " our accounts most likely

Hi @jetblake

It has been a while my friend. I hope that you are still doing well.

Why do you think the banks will lower interest rates to a point below zero to discourage people and have them move their money out of the bank just to face the problem of being short on cash? Perhaps these bastards have a plan that's over my head but I don't understand it.

Also watched your water video. Enjoyed it very much!

Yes, they are up to no good. Here is my assessment . Mankind's morals and ethics are non existent in government, education, corporations and social communities. Yes, there are few exceptions but 90% are too far gone. The global deterioration will continue . It will get very dire in time. I think to survive it will take non human skills and perspective. This however, is not taught nor is it taken seriously. Few know how to look beyond the physical. True spiritual awareness and progress is lacking globally. I have studied for decades and am on a path of higher awareness/consciousness but most of my peers do not have a clue. Wow, tough times are coming for everyone. At least I am getting prepared as much as possible

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