Steemitri The Mannequin’s tutorial: How to straighten up a banana - Promoting @stellabelle’s #bananaprogram

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Hello Steemians!

In the past months I had the chance to chat with @stellabelle and bananely had many crazy and weird ideas in common.

This time the thing that unifies us is:

The Banana!

She just launched the BANANA PROGRAM - #bananaprogram, in which in exchange of a few tasks, one gets a nice upvote ;-)

Have a look at it because the funniest part of it is the great interaction with banana lovers:
BANANA PROGRAM: New Steem Project Designed For Bored Humans - by @stellabelle

Be creative!!!

I go on instead with my program and today let me introduce you to my very special tutorial:

How to straighten up a banana in a couple of minutes!

Introduction: have you ever asked yourself why do bananas grow crooked? I ask myself this question every day and it drives me crazy! Every time that I try to straighten them up with my hands, they break or they squash!

I went to many grocery stores and I couldn’t find a straight one! A true mystery to me!
I therefore decided to find a temporary solution to straighten up this fruit:

  • Level of difficulty: medium
  • Material required: 1 banana, 1 knife, toothpicks
  • Time required: 5 minutes

Take a banana and make 4-5 slanting cuts.

Try to put it back together as straight as possible.
Use the support of toothpicks to keep it together!

And here the final result!!!


Now it is your turn!
Show me what you can do!

Have fun!

Steemitri The Mannequin


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Haha... funny GIF!
Viva la banana

Naughty banana!
Well done, mannequin!

Challenge accepted, wait for my banana (LOL)!


Yeah! I wanna see your skills, haha!!!
You can post your banana here in the comments ;-)


All yours: a very long and - of course - straight banana! Ahaha!

a very long streight banana.jpg


Hahaha!!! Great!! 1 banana + 1 banana = 1 super long straight banana!!!

Caro il mio manichino, prima o poi un grosso coltivatore di banane, tipo Chiquita o Del Monte, ti contatterà, per farti diventare un grandissimo promoter a livello internazionale di questo caratteristico frutto!!!


Mah... penso di creare un'azienda che sia in grado di raddrizzare le banane! Promuoverò le banane dritte, yeah!!!

We're kinda partial to bananas' curviness, but this was a very funny post nevertheless. ☺️

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It can be a nice experiment for Dr. Victor Frankenpeel, haha!


oh, my dear Ms. @steemitri -- my thoughts exactly!

Great and devious minds think alike!!

Lol, that's absolute banana's!

Nice one :)


Thanks!!! Have a great banana day!


Haha thanks! I'm just a banana lover :-)


Mannequins don't feel emotions! What are you talking about? Hahaha :P
This is really funny tho. You should enter Comedy Open Mic :D


I have a plastic heart and a plastic brain ;-)
Yeah, I know the Comedy Open Mic... I have to check the requirements ;-)

By golly you did it!


Oh yes!!! I did it!!!
Now I should earn a Nobel Prize :-)

That's ingenious! Brilliant! You (and @stellabelle) may have found a way to take the Internet to a whole new level. Goodbye endless kitten and puppy videos, hello Banana Art!

Bright Blessings!


Haha, yeah... Internet needs more Banana stuff :-)
Big hug from Switzerland
Steemitri The Mannequin

Le banane cambieranno il mondo!


Esatto!!! Banane e crypto revolution!

Un vero uomo (manichino) da tutorial. Una fonte di idee senza limiti.
Appena ho letto il titolo ho pensato che tu ti fossi applicato semplicemente nel ruotare la banana da una posizione che ricordasse una C ad una che la mostrasse come una I...
In pratica ti ho già svelato la mia versione quindi. Mi sembrerebbe offensivo mostrare cosa intenda con un tutorial...e soprattutto chiamarlo tutorial dopo.


Accipicchia non ci avevo pensato!!! Che manichino sciocco che sono!!!

life hacks that change your life <3


Haha yeah! ... and I feel a lot better now!!!

jajjajajajaaj what a great program, as you learned it looks like a yellow cucumber hahaha.


Haha thanks man!
Now I need to turn a cucumber into a banana :-)

I got your t-shirt, thank you!

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Great news!