Meet The Banana Turncoat

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That's right. I turn my coat inside out, upside down. I rip it to shreds and get a new one!

Because, let's be honest. Different coats can really make a difference in how a guy feels.

Of course some coats are more comfy than others, so you have to pick your coat wisely. Right now the weather is warm, so wearing the wrong coat can cause your body physical discomfort.

So what's all the coat turning about? Well it's the banana wars of course! Everyone has to choose sides in the great banana war. Are you team @stellabelle? Or are you team @stupid?

For me, I tried to set up my own outside third party situation and save the bananas. Unfortunately, @stupid caught the error of my efforts, the bananas started to rot and stink. The following image of my bananas is not for the faint of heart. Viewer Be warned!

I attempted to save the rotting bananas. Someone told me I should put them in a bag of rice.

But the bananas were too far gone. Even if I wanted to eat the bananas, now they weren't only rotten, but also covered in rice. What the hell?!?!

So with my banana plan foiled, I have been called on to pick a side. I could join @steemitri and the Banana army. But I have also been offered the position of CiC of the @stupid army. I mean... what an offer. @stellabelle hasn't offered me a position in her army, just called me a traitor.

So here I sit... examining the banana war and deciding which side to play on. Who offers the best chance of success? Who offers the greatest reward? And how long can I get away with playing both sides?

Well for now we don't really know on which side of the banana this soul will land on. But we sure will have fun keeping up with the progress of the war as we go along and the posts fly back and forth. In the meantime we just dance away the hours.

Which side are you on? Are you team @stupid or team @stellabelle? Who do you think has a better pitch to be on their side? Which side truly has the good of all bananas on their side?

Just like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, the world may never know.

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The choice is clear.

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Anyone who finds themselves opposite of me and Steemitri is DOOMED!

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Watch out for your foot....banana peels always risky😉

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The answer is "3".

Hey Mike! Now we have another problem... a bigger one! How can we live without bananas... and without rice!!! Is this your solution?!?!

We're on the side of the...Ba-na-na gif.gif