VOP 2.0: Build It For The Children

That’s the plea written in an op-ed 5 days ago, by a former DHS special agent assigned to the border who fought child trafficking for over a decade. During his time fighting this, more than 120000 children were brought across our border for the sole intent of being used as sex slaves. He pushes for the wall to stop being a partisan issue, and for it to focus on these children whose souls are being destroyed by these evil people. He says that each year more than 10000 children are brought across to be used as little more than rape toys (my description).


The Full Opinion Piece


In the last article, he shares some frightening statistics with us.

In FY 2018, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI)
made 1,588 Human Trafficking arrests and identified 308 victims.
Of the 1,588 arrests, 1,543 were for sex trafficking violations.

He goes on to give some statistics for the HUGE drop in this human trafficking in areas after a wall had been built in their sector.

Understand, If Caught These Children Are Still Not Protected In Government Care

Many of you who have followed my blog have seen me report the high rate of sex trafficking on our children once the CPS has shuttled them into the foster care system. I have written 8 articles over the year I have been here, and if you missed the articles you can find them here.









There is an alarming trend of those who have a taste for raping kids being placed in positions of authority over them as workers and foster parents. As those of you who follow me know, I don’t believe this is on accident. So is it any surprise that some of those who oversee the waves of unaccompanied children who are caught are also abusing them. Here is a recent heartbreaking story of a man who loved his little boys, and was sentenced to only nineteen years for abusing seven boys, some multiple times over two years.


Even more frightening for these young boys, he carries the HIV virus within him. A horrible ending for these young boys those in power viewed as cattle to be herded and placed under the supervision of a stranger with sick designs. Just the way the CIA likes it though, as has been shown through their mind control programs.

In Fact, You Can Pick Some Of The Children To Suit Your Tastes In The Foster Care System Online Now.

Now it is possible to view the children in our foster care who are ready for adoption, without separation of state being an impediment. It seems crazy to me that given the statistics showing an extraordinarily high number of these kids end up being sex trafficked that they now are putting their pictures up online so they can be chosen.

I mention the problem here of internal trafficking again, as I need to stress once again the fact some of our kids that are never seen again are being trafficked SOUTH OF THE BORDER. It seems to me more likely than not that some of these kids being ripped from their homes from CPS and then disappearing are the children going the other way, as evidence at the child trafficking camp highly suggested with the dark hair dyes.

The VOP Team That Secured The Camp Found On The Cemex Property.



Since beginning their battle to stop the perverted operations taking place out in the desert on that unsecured border, the leader of the Walking For The Forgotten Ministry has had 13 criminal charges levelled against him. Been gang stalked both online and in real life. Had a false BOLO issued on him and reported by a news channel, who then subsequently scrubbed it then reran another one. Had many truther groups that originally supported their mission, one ran by Craig Sawyer who came out and originally was the expert who confirmed their darkest fears, suddenly change their stories. Sawyer went the extra mile and scrubbed his videos he originally posted, but thankfully patriots who care about these children had already preserved them. He has had CPS target his family (as well as other members of his ministry bravely fighting this despicable scheme). He has been briefly involuntarily committed, only to be released THE SAME DAY. If you peruse my 40+ articles on the VOP mission, you will notice a high percentage of the links and videos have now been scrubbed from the internet.

Because of the high level of persecution from government, from media coupled with the vast amount of scrubbing taking place to hide narratives it seems obvious to me (and any reasonable person) that they have stumbled across a structure that has ties up to the top of our government and industry. Which supports my belief that the CPS/Foster system is being used to funnel some of the kids they covet for their sic fantasies.

These Are Our Kids

I am so sick of hearing about race (from all sides). Sick of hearing from the Make America (White) Great Again Crowd. The Evil Old White Man crowd. The people who look at others as less than because they have certain features about them that are common with others who have preyed upon our communities. EVERY group has its assholes who revel in evil, and NONE OF THAT CAN BE HUNG ON THESE KIDS. NONE! I suspect that this is one of the private justifications being used to ignore what is going on at that border. Assholes who say it doesn’t affect them because it’s only the brown kids. I implore those of you who care not to let jerks like these sway you from speaking up on this. We need to talk on this, and talk often to make sure that the conversation doesn’t die off. VOP needs our help in making sure the spotlight they document daily with video grows in the international dialogue. GROWS.

To follow the VOP mission, you can follow them on:

Fakebook: https://www.facebook.com/Az-Desert-Guardians-802280036785094/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VopReal
A Must read…the horrifying story from the head of the VOP ministry himself, Lewis Arthur.

To find out how you can help them (they changed which part of their growing organization will take donations), you can call them at (520) 270-5817, according to their Fakebook page. To help if you want to help them secure the border, send an email to sol.wftf@gmail.com or lewis.vop@gmail.com. Cowards not welcome, nor those who wish to argue over race, religion or politics. This is about saving the kids, which is larger than those created fights that would distract us from loving one another.

Thank you Lewis Arthur and Ministry.

Your sacrifice is a blessing and inspiration that proves we need no government or another to take responsibility. Every one of us has the opportunity to choose a voluntary path of love and sacrifice for others. We need no dictator to give approval or perform these actions on our behalf. Your faith in God was a blessing for me, and I am indebted to you. Your light shines bright.

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