Judas Of VOP: The Trolls Dance With Joy

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This post on VOP, and their valiant mission to stop the trafficking of women and children for sex slavery and organ harvesting will be different than my previous posts. There has been betrayal from inside the group, and the troll who has been posting the videos I share is now showing her face proudly. Unlike Lewis, who has asked for the trolls and the betrayer to be ignored, my calling asks different of me. These bullies and betrayers are exactly why so many keep their voices silent. One of my largest struggles in life these last few years has been learning the art of forgiveness, so I apologize in advance if some of my anger at bullies seeps through, and hope that you can see the points I will raise here as factually as I can.

One of the volunteers who were rescued from his life of addiction and life issues was a man named Austin. Many of you who have been following VOP on their Fakebook page are familiar with who he is. Unable to cope with his demons of substance abuse after being given not only chances to clean himself up, but a leadership role to give him dignity to replace his low self-esteem, VOP finally had to ask him to leave the mission. They couldn’t have him running around in the desert on missions, let alone be in control of others, armed and under the control of substances.

Like we have seen time and again, he immediately took to video in revenge. Making fantastic claims of misuse of gift cards, insinuating he was asked repeatedly to break the law, although he declined actually naming any of these criminal offenses he claims he partook in. In the spirit that Lewis Arthur asks, I am linking here to his video where he betrays those who tried to help him build a foundation. Despite his betrayal, my heart goes out to him and I hope that he can somehow pull himself together. You can tell how conflicted he is towards the end of the video as he admits his love for Lewis like a brother. One does not betray a brother as he is doing here, and unfortunately for him, when we betray others, especially those we love, those dark emotions tend to haunt us the rest of our lives. Whispering our blasphemy against another is unforgivable.

The Troll Of VOP

As many of you have noticed, the videos I share come from a troll account on YouTube, that is run by a woman who also has a troll VOP group on Fakebook. I use her videos she rips from Fakebook as I have no means to do this myself. This woman feels so emboldened now, she has outed herself in a bid, in her words to her husband, to be famous. I am sharing it so all of you can see how unhinged this woman is.

I could only stomach about half of her video. She laughs throughout the part I watched, as though this is all some joke. She insults Lewis and his faith in God continuously. She makes fun of the physical appearance of one of the volunteers several times, as she has in videos she shares as well on her YouTube channel. She keeps saying it is all unraveling, and she will be so happy when VOP gets crucified by the authorities. She goes on to brag about going out to Alpha camp right after that micro storm that destroyed much of the camp, admitting the storm was fierce as she complains repeatedly about how much of a wreck the camp is.

She makes several anti-white jokes during her diatribe, trying hard to coax her husband onto the video so he can be famous too. She even found fault with how friendly the dogs at Alpha were as they walked her through the camp, even as they offered her and her companions food and drink. While I am under the impression much of the anti-VOP groups are probably from the government, I believe this woman is probably just unhinged as her weird affect throughout the whole video seems to indicate. For her to insult them, basically insinuating they need jobs and to quit using others for their gift cards insults not only them, but every person who is behind the efforts this group continues to do.

She has constantly attacked them for being users and having no results. Anyone with eyes can see the results.

  • Lewis built a camp for abandoned homeless vets. A camp that until this mess with sex trafficking came up was praised within the Tucson community from police and other officials.

  • Lewis and those who have heard the calling have been out in that desert in heat most of the nation can’t imagine. Extreme heat, dust, snakes (which she also made fun of their being cautious over), living out there for days on end as they travel what many would call no man’s land.

But this woman would have you believe they are all just lazy bums tricking people out of their gift cards and supplies to build forward bases on. Bases that sit on land others have donated to them.

This woman comes off as mentally ill, and here is her video for you to judge for yourself if this woman who calls herself “Queen” is someone you would trust to be your go to on what is taking place out in that hot sweltering desert.

Here are two videos where Becky (the woman with a heart whom “Queen” needs to continue taking issue with over her appearance) made to explain, angrily at times, why Austin was kicked out of the group. I fully understand her desire to protect Lewis and the VOP from the slander, as I find myself doing so here now with this post.

Lewis, being a more patient man than myself had her videos taken from the Fakebook page. He refuses to allow any of the trolls, even the Judas, from taking any energy from his mission. He made a video explaining why he feels it has no place in his ministry. After sharing his video, I will explain why I feel a need to shed light on these trolls.

My Thoughts

Where I differ in opinion from Lewis is that I believe that we got into this mess the country is in by to many keeping silent. The act of silence, of acceptance has been a slippery slope that gives ground by the day now. It has emboldened those who do evil to levels that were unimaginable when I was a child. They were still here back then, but they kept to the shadows. Imagine in the bible, how different things may have been had Judas not betrayed Jesus. If his followers did not deny him as they were rounding them up.
Imagine times you were righteous about something, and those who you trusted let you down. Either silently watching you be persecuted, or turning on you and participating in the actions against you.

This is not what a brother does for his brothers and sisters, nor a sister for her brothers. Franky, I have had enough of keeping silent, as have many Americans. People still often remark to me that they can’t believe Trump got elected. While I no longer believe he is what he claimed to be, the reasons he got elected are still valid. The example he set one for any American, regardless of political affiliation to examine and embrace.

Trump was elected because he said things that were no longer allowed to be said publicly. He put to words the words millions wanted to say, but felt out of fear they could not. The fact is, Trump was not needed for this. Every day offers each of us an opportunity to speak up, to not turn the other way over issues. But it takes a lot of love to overcome the fear of others trolling you as we see happening here with VOP. The question each of us needs to ask is how happy is ignoring this making you? How happy are you wearing the mask and hiding who you are. Hiding from the evils that take place every single day to those we love, to innocent children. This cycle only perpetuates itself, inly grows stronger and larger if we consent through our silence.

Is your love strong enough to withstand persecution from those who would do evil. From the masses who seek to curry favor from those who do evil? For myself, I have to speak up. I always have had to. And in this case, the Judas and the troll who would be queen are not getting a free pass from me. Those women and children being trafficked deserve more. Those heroes enduring those hardships in the desert to stop it deserve more.

If you would like to reach out to VOP and see how you can help, they now have a website you can reach them at.


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No audio on first Video until time stamp 1:10 well worth sticking with it, or even start video at 1:10. Keep up the good works and Yahweh bless and keep his hedge of protection over you and all your good works.

Superb article, nice work bro.

I will pray the Lord will make your posts viral!

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