Project-Return-To-Steemit; 1000 Steem Giveaway by @infovore


Steemit cries, "Oh dear one, oh beloved, why have you forsaken me?"

This is a call to every Nigerian Steemian who has abandoned their account to come back home. Steemit has given so many of us so much and deserves our loyalty regardless of the bearish market trends. Imagine yourself as a parent with several children, would you abandon one of them because he is not doing well in school or at work? No! You nurture and support the child until he is able to forge ahead without assistance!

It is heartbreaking to see how so many of us have abandoned our amazing blogs. Infovore intends to use this initiative to get people back to Steemit. We hope this incentive would encourage some to stay after the rewards have been disbursed. You just never know what other goodies may be in store for you if you continue to demonstrate some loyalty. He would be giving out 50 Steem each to 20 Nigerian Steemians (who have previously abandoned their accounts) who come back and write a post in response to this call. The length of the post doesn't matter; it could be long or short, doesn't matter much. All posts links submitted in the comments would each receive upvotes over the next 7 days. 20 out of all the submissions would be selected and sent 50 Steem each.

Rules of Engagement

  • Write a post sharing an update about your life and the lessons you've learnt from the bear market.
  • Use the tags #backtosteemit, #iamasteemian and #nigeria
  • Submit a link to your post in the comment section of this article and you just might be one of the lucky ones to get chosen

Cheers and thanks for reading!!


This is a good way to bring people back to steemit. In recent my recent post, I wrote about people coming back and using their account again. Thanks for this initiative and good to know @infovore wants many that have abandoned their account to come back.

I agree with you bro. This will bring motivation back to the good people of Naija.

I just upvoted and resteemed, hopefully i will get most of my friends back with this
Nice initiative

Oh thats what twas about.

If technology, passion and what made others stayed back won’t make them stay, trust me money won’t. Let’s be realistic with ourselves. Some may have genuine reasons for leaving but certainly not those who left because of bear market or so. But this is a dissenting opinion though.
It is a great idea to bait people but it won’t make them stay!

Not everyone is here for the tech
Not everyone has the patience to understand the tech....

Money may not be the best motivation but it would help those struggling pick up a bit....

Great initiative, can't wait for what is to come

this is a nice idea it will help make some people to be active

This is awesome....lemme go pen mine

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