Life life life.... Steemit bear market

in #backtosteemit11 months ago

Life as been so wonderful, and has people say life is precious, the more reason why we need to care for our dear life.. Over time it seems endless during undergraduate days when Asuu internal strike will meet wilt Asuu national strike which makes it look as if we were not going to graduate. But all Adoration and glory to God as days of undergraduate ended, served the nation through NYSC scheme. Hoping to grab opportunities now is the main key.

Steem bear market, teaches me particularly to have patience, I served in a village of poor/no network so I could not write, but always read WhatsApp news abt the bear run, the patience comes in when, people that have will not want to sell low, so have exercise patience till the price comes up again.

It also teaches to Give it time and not give it up. Though the time of bear run was hard but I hope people will laugh with the help of a contest like this and the return of steem🤗🤗🤗