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Read this post to learn about how our bot works and how you can get HUGE free upvotes for being a STEEM POWER HODLER


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Outside of posting amazing content consistently, one of the best ways to get started earning on The Steem Blockchain is finding Steem users with similiar amounts of Steem Power, making friends with them, and asking if they would like to do upvote for upvote. This is a great way to get some rewards coming in for smaller guys and also a great way to make friends. The only issues with this are trust, and time. Not only does your friend have to be online and active to upvote you, but you have to trust them to upvote you back after you have upvoted them. To fix this issue, We've figured out a way to automate this using @SteemAuto. Steem-Auto is an automation service that lets you choose friends on Steem you would like to automatically upvote. It also has a "Curation Trail" feature that lets you upvote whatever a particular account upvotes. This is the feature that gave us the great idea for "@BackScratcher".

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How It Works

Users will follow our curation trail on @SteemAuto and they will be added to our fanbase on Steemauto in return. By adding them to our Fanbase, they will get upvoted automatically once a day. We are starting with a minimum of 500 SP to get curated (subject to change if voting power and RC's become too low). 500 to 999 SP will get a 1% upvote once a day from everyone following the trail. 1000 SP to 4999 SP will get you a 5% upvote, 5000 SP to 9999 SP will get you a 10% upvote, 10,000 SP to 19,999 SP will get a 20% upvote from everyone and 20,000 SP to 29,999 SP will get a 30% upvote from every one, and so on. We've set some limits because Voting Power is a limited resource so if we set the bar for entry too low, Our 1% upvotes could drain our resources. So we've set it at a number of steem power that is achievable at these price levels and one of our main goals is to encourage the purchase of Steem and Steem Power.

How To Join

ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM!!!! We have a strict NO SPAM policy. We are not strict on content or here to judge if someones post is great. But we will remove any blatant spam from our trail. We recommend linking your social media accounts to your Steem so that your social posts go straight to Steem to get upvoted using http://share2steem.io

Here are the steps:

  1. Sign Up for http://www.Steemauto.com
  2. After you have successfully linked your Steem account to Steemauto, click "Curation Trail" and search for "backscratcher" and Follow our Trail.
  3. Click Setting and set voting weight to "100 scaled" and set any time. (THIS IS A MUST)
  4. Go to back to dashboard on Steemauto and set voting limit to 85% (This will keep your voting power from draining)
  5. Come back here and paste your Steemit page and SP in a comment below to be added. If you don't hear anything us that day, then come to our telegram and let us know here: https://t.me/thebackscratcher
  6. If you unfollow the trail you will be removed.

500-999 SP gets you a 1% upvote once every 24 hours
1,000-4,999 gets you a 5% upvote once every 24 hours
5,000-9,999 gets you a 10% upvote once every 24 hours
10,000-19,999 gets you a 20% upvote once every 24 hours.
20,000-29,999 gets you a 30% upvote once every 24 hours
30,000-39,999 get you a 40% upvote once every 24 hours and so on..

You can check how much you can expect to earn with the trail curating you here: http://trailbase.io/trail/backscratcher/steemauto

Also, visit our telegram: https://t.me/thebackscratcher


+Your voting power(mana) must stay above 85%. If it drops below 85% for too long You will get removed from the trail
+You get 1 upvote a day. You are welcome to post as much as you want but the trail will only upvote you once per 24 hours. (resets at 8pm EST)
+If we check that your account is not auto-upvoting the trail or your voting power drops too low you will be removed.
+You can check trail stats here: http://trailbase.io/trail/backscratcher/steemauto
+Rules and requirements are subject to change for the benefit of all stake holders on the trail


Q: Is Delegated Steem Power Allowed?
A: Yes, You can have delegated steem power or have steem power delegated out and still receive upvotes. As long as your active steem power meets the requirments, you can still get upvoted.

Q:How much Voting Power does the trail use per day?
A: As of this post, if a user ONLY upvotes the trail and doesn't do any other voting, he can expect to stay above 94% Voting Mana

Q: I posted once today and didn't get upvoted. Why?
A: It could be your timing. Steemauto resets at 8PM EST so if you posted at the wrong time it could count twice for 1 day. Also, Steemauto has about a 98% success rate. Meaning it couldve just been bad luck.

Q: I don't have the minimum SP required to get upvoted. Can I still follow the trail?
A: Yes! You are welcome to follow and curate automatically as this is great for extra curation rewards.


Hasn't anyone learned anything about the scams of @trevonjb the douchebag?

So basically you're setting up, one big circle jerk? Don't you think this devalues the whole platform? Isn't the idea of curating all about actually reading posts rather than just upvoting them? This makes the whole platform nothing but a big money printing ponzi!

The guy behind this stupidity is one of the guys that helped scam thousands of people out of millions of dollars with Bitconnect.

Should you really be expecting anything "wholesome" from a guy like that.

OK, I didn't know who was behind this. I should have known a leopard doesn't change it's spots after all. Fast buck merchants. Very sad for the chain :-(

Coinbase is giving away a free $50 of stellar. If you want to check it, here's the link. (You can also get rewarded for sharing the link).

No, it gives people a base minimum of earnings. It doesn’t mean people aren’t reading posts, it doesn’t mean the content isn’t high quality. With that logic you’re against curie and every other curation trail. You think everyone following those trails is reading the posts? They exist to reward people that are contributing high quality content. I see this more for people who are contributing regular daily content.

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Curie and C squared manually curate every post they upvote. Following is a sad ability to allow here though. Follow for follow and vote for vote IS an even worse idea. Who is checking the quality however and of they are checking it, why not read it too. Seriously, these 'schemes' where the priority is simply grabbing rewards will kill this blockchain and keep the overall content quality low thus discouraging new creators.

One curators reads a post and a few others approve it with curie. The several hundreds of votes that follow are automated. Also, what is high quality content?

People have been saying “THIS thing will ruin this platform!” for years now. No it won’t. I need to go ahead and buy some drama tokens for moments like this.

You said:

With that logic you’re against curie and every other curation trail.

Then said when describing curie:

One curators reads a post

So, you are admitting that content voted by @curie is actually reviewed before voting so that would make that process fundamentally different.

With that in mind, it doesn't really make sense for you to assert that for one to be critical of this "curation" trail that one must necessarily be against manual curation projects.

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The point that I was making was that the OP said that the issue was that the people weren't looking at the posts they were upvoting, which IS the same in both cases. I never said they were the same thing. They obviously aren't. But if your issue with this was that people are voting on something that they aren't reading, that's the same in both cases, in the case of curie, for the other 99% of the people following the trail.

Automated votes are not necessarily the issue.

Think one thing needs to be made clear. Strictly speaking, this is not a curation trail. It's a voting trail as the initiating trail vote is not the result of a quality assessment performed by a human.

That, in and of itself, is a degradation of how content discovery should work ideally.

But, hey, damn near everyone and their mom is pushing some sort of voting scheme so can't really single any one out in particular. They all suck imho.

I'm just saying. Let's call a spade a spade. It's an automated circlejerk with bells and whistles. It's not anywhere near on par with @curie.

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Woah woah, I was not trying to say this was the same as curie at all, and I have no delusions about what it is. You can call it a circle jerk, or you can call it a bunch of people using their SP to cooperate to earn more Steem. The functionality is the same whether you frame it negatively or neutrally.

So let me be as clear as possible. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with content discovery as that doesn't even really exist on this platform unless posts are in the hundreds of dollars. Its a bunch of regular steemians choosing to use their SP to cooperate and earn a little more Steem. Period.

I'd welcome any concrete argument that can demonstrate how this is in any way harmful to the platform.

Been here for a while and it's good, gets me like $0.8 per post at 1k+ SP. Yes that's like $24 a month just for following the trail.

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Do you have any VP left each day to curate manually too, or is it all used by being on the trail?

I give maybe 2 manual votes a day, but I've never been one to manually curate. If I weren't in the trail I'd be selling my votes. Most of the time if I need to bulk upvote, I divide my vote and give 40% to each person, that way I can do like 6-7 and still share with my trails.

I'm also in other trails. I wouldn't know how to answer you. I'm always at around 93-96% (my lower limit on Steemauto is 93%), and I try never to go below 89% manually, and if I go to 89% I don't vote anymore that day unless it's absolutely necessary, and even then it's at most a 40% vote.

But anyway, I'm not one to curate. If that's your thing, evaluate how many votes you want to give a day to your curation efforts. I personally feel that at least 70% of my daily VP should go to my trails, and 30% back to people who comment on my posts and to the people I follow.

I echo your sentiment. I am on the trail, I give a couple upvotes here or there, but Im too busy to manually upvote regurlarly, at least this way my weight goes to work, and frankly I see nothing wrong with this compared to say selling my SP to SmartSteem... what's the difference? Nothing imo.

This actually helps encourage me to post good content more consistently. Thank you for setting this up!

Same but I have a long way to go before hitting 500 SP😩

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Duder at these prices sell some empties and buy steem.

Seriously. Now is the time.

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Looks like I'll have to do so it's climbing too!

Just waiting for my power up. Will be joining soon :)

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Super simple to set up. Super cool way to stay motivated to create cool content on a daily basis. Earn some crypto while posting your way to a higher reputation on the STEEM blockchain.

I have really seen my rewards and visability improve since I started following the trail. There are a lot of great bloggers here with excellent content. I work hard to keep my posts interesting and informative as a part of this initiative.

Next stop 1 million sp!

Enjoying the trail and motivates me to be active

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awesome stuff, just joined the backscratcher curation trail.

my steem page is https://steemit.com/@conradsuperb
here's a sceenshot of my SP:


You've been added

Good stuff, happy to have joined the trail. Better late than never for sure 💪🏻

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Being part of the backscratcher trail is the best thing I am involved with on Steem.

A million should be up in the radar.
Great service to behave and earn more rewards
Keep on postin

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Thanks to the trail, I would have left steemit along time ago, but the vote coming from the trail makes me stay, kudos to @backscratcher

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Good job. Simply set everything up and you can vote automatically for good content, not always get to vote every day, and the power of the voice is idle in this case. Nice service.

Backscratcher allows me to grow on the blockchain while still having time to manage my real world responsibilities.

This is good initiative to help minnows

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This is a great way to build a small account as I have been seeing the upvotes autogenerated and following the community..Keep up the good work!

Peace back scratch trail members
On my account I have not the minimum SP required to get upvoted from the trail. However, I followed the trail for months now.
I fixed my target to reach 500SP by end of May. I hope the entry rules wont change by that time.
Meanwhile there are great extra curation rewards for the trail fanbase.
Let's keep up the good content creation.
Thank you

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The trail is really growing.

Your post was up-voted by @trueexpressions, the social expression crypto space for creative thinkers, writers, artists and musicians.

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what is the correct time to upload a video on steemit. and am from india. should i upload 8 EST or before 8 EST.

This actually helps encourage me to post good content more consistently.

Hi @backscratcher

I am up to 1000+ SP now, please increase my vote power received, thank you.


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SP 85.805

thanks bro i have follaw and join your steps...haha

You got a 21.10% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @backscratcher!

Hi. I liked your post, keep it up. I wish you good luck and have a good day, and of course you can also get a big jackpot :)

I will do my best to have the requierement because i think that can be super usefull !
Discovering new people and maybe earn more :)
Ya got my upvote ^^

I just reached 1000 SP not including delegation and should be upgraded to 5%. Thanks!

The explanations is self motivational, it is simply a welcoming one.

i need to make 500sp up :(

Hopefully the content that this promotes isn't too low quality. I feel like there is already enough junk content on here

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*If you disagree with the reward or content of this post you can purchase a reversal of this vote by using our curation interface http://promovotes.com

wow great work

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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I have already started to follow friends, thanks for this possibility. regards

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really out of says!!!

Hey! I would like to join. I was gaining Steem Power log time :)

My profile: https://steemit.com/@mooe
Amount of SP: 500.3

I did all the steps in instruction already.

Hey @backscratcher
I wish to join to backscrachers group. Above in comment I put all info.

You've been added

almost 200 members keep going, steem ON!

🚀 🌕

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Is this safe??

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Hey @backscratcher, i have 5000k SP now. Please update my upvote, thanks.

5000k steem power.png

You've been updated.

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This is sweet!

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1,119.68 SP

Hello everyone
2,852.015 SP

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