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The cinema of Geraldine, New Zealand. By @cnandofer

In the last weeks of the year, there isn't a lot of work in Christchurch so one day that we were doing nothing we decided to go to the Hagley Park. The Hagley Park is the largest public park in New Zealand and the third largest park in the southern hemisphere, has soccer and rugby fields, tennis courts, cricket (whatever they named the place to play this awful sport), lakes, a golf course, a botanical garden. Is massive!

When we started to walk back to the hostel I decided that I wanted to go to the cinema. I wanted to see The Hunger Games since the release and hadn't been able to. Nobody of the people whit me at the moment wanted to go or had already seen the movie so I decided to go by myself.

When I got to the cinema, I discovered that The Hunger Games started very late and I really didn't feel like waiting because I felt a little bit tired at that time. I ended up deciding to go to see the Hobbit, I don't really like these movies buuut when you're in New Zealand you have to see it.

At the moment of buying my ticket, the first weird thing happened in my adventure. On the movies board, it said that the film started at 7:15 pm but the girl who was selling tickets told me I could go to the movie that started at 6:00 pm. It was a little advanced but I wouldn't have to wait (it was 6:15 pm ). I bought popcorn, got my 3D glasses ($ 24.00 total) and ran to the room trying to not miss that much of the film.

I entered the room, sat in the first seat I found (not the one in the ticket) because it was late and if there were empty seats probably no one had bought the ticket for that seat, at least that I thought. I put on my 3D glasses, started eating popcorn and watched the movie.

After 5 minutes, something was not right, something didn't make sense, I didn't understand what was happening in the film. Of course, I missed the beginning of the buuuut how much did I miss?.

After 15 minutes of not understand anything...the film was over!!! The credits appeared and I had not even finished my popcorn!!! I checked my ticket, It was written 7:15 pm and then I realized that I had no idea of what happened when I bought it.

At least I still had a ticket to see the full movie a few minutes later, I finished my popcorn watching the credits, went out of the cinema and walked around the mall.

After wasting time around the mall, I returned to the movie (this time without popcorn), sat down (this time in the number of seat written on my ticket), got comfortable, put on my 3D glasses and waited for the movie.

Shortly after this, the girl sitting beside me touched my arm and said:

  • Hey bro! This is not 3D...

I was the only person in the room wearing 3D glasses!!! At least someone told me, although I think I would have eventually realized that it was not 3D…

If you ask me the movie is shit!!! The first half hour was entertaining, then I felt sleep don't know for how long. When I woke up there was a dwarf being eaten by a sea of 2D!!! So just change my position and went back to sleep.

When I couldn't sleep anymore, I woke up exactly where I started watching the movie for the first time. Again I couldn't understand what was happening but I couldn't sleep anymore so I see it again, this time in 2D.

In the end, I didn't saw the Hunger Games, I saw the Hobbit...well I saw the first 30 minutes and the last 15 minutes (twice, in 3D and 2D).

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