Baby Alfie Evans... What a Tragedy... and what WE need to Learn!

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Baby Alfie Evans...

...what a cluster fuck.

You do not own your children!

parents holding sign - release our son

In a very legal sense, you abandoned your children at the hospital and never took them home. What kind of a monster would leave their child at the hospital? Everyone. We just think its paper work.

Adele (pop star) didn't leave her child at the hospital. And, what did the news report about it? That Adele would be fined for not registering her child. Imagine that. Being fined for not abandoning your child.

A berth certificate is not what you think. It is a declaration of cargo that was delivered at the dock (doctor). And when you leave the port, you do not leave this certificate behind. It is in essence, legal ownership of everything you had on-board.

Go and ask a hospital, "Do you get paid for filing the birth certificate?" And it is not a small payment.
The berth certificate is then sold as collateral for loans on the stock exchanges . Most people will never believe this, but you can go look it up. You can interact with the system. You can prove it to whatever depth you want, because it is really happening.

The govern-cement really owns your child.

- - - - - - -

This is what we get when we ask the state to dole out resources.

There is only so much money and so many doctors. Currently we have about 8 doctor units for every 10 doctoring units needed. (down from 9 of 10 before Oh-bomba-un-care). We do not have enough medical care at any price. So, some method has to be used to decide who gets treatment.

The current method is the "get in line" method. Want to see a doctor of your HMO? Well, we will schedule you for an INITIAL consultation a month from now, which will lead to tests 2 months from now and diagnosis 3 months from now, and then you get to put in the queue for what ails ya.

At some point it will be decided if you are WORTH more medical being wasted upon you.
Usually by a bunch of bean counters who look at charts and graphs of costs vs recovery percentages. Your future life is basically in the hands of a bunch of kids fresh out of college who have no concern for you, nor do they have any real life to temper their decisions. You are just a number. Your "disease" is just a statistic.

This is what happens when we allow the govern-cement to control health care.

(but, is this any better or worse than allowing a person's pocket book to decide how much healthcare they get?)

- - - - - - -

Modern Doctors Practising Mumbo-Jumbo

daddy holding baby Alfie

If you listen to the doctor and the judge in the case over baby Alfie Evans you will hear a bunch of technical terms. And, think they know what they are talking about, or if you actually do know, then you just hear the latest bunch of buzz words.

It is really too bad that doctors (snake oil salesman... yes, rock-e-fellow medicine was started by a snake oil salesman) are called healers, and anyone who is actually a healer is called all kinds of derogatory names.
(and if the healer, calls themselves a healer, then that is a high crime, especially if they have actually healed.)

Every metaphysical person knows that a patient can hear their loved ones around them. It has been shown time and time again that a person, supposedly unconscious, has memories of all that happened. All the people in the room. All of their prayers. (Look into near death experiences. Testimony after testimony...)

So, where does the doctor and the judge get off saying, "that the baby can't even feel the presence of the parents. It is already dead, we are just prolonging its death"?

Well, we could ask a psychic or a metaphysician to contact the baby and ask what it is he wants done. (you may not believe, but after a few dozen such contacts, you will be a believer. Of course, it can't be proven, but no one can guess right that many times) So, we should call on a psychic to go and communicate with those that cannot communicate verbally. It is only rock-e-person medicine having done a complete snow job on the population that we do not regularly do this.

Further, the baby's condition seems to match up with trauma of vaccine injection that many are reporting now. And when looked at in this light, all of those fancy sounding names and tests, saying the babies brain is mostly water, sound like modern-day-mumbo-jumbo.

- - - - - - -

Now, we as a society will have to work on these issues. Because, if the parents were left to decide, they would spend all the money in the world to save their child. And that is not feasible, the rest of us have to live too.

If left to the bean counters, each person's life is worth $5,000 prorated over 60 years. And that lacks any empathy or personality or even awareness of the situation.

We also have to put govern-cement in its place. The practice of "registering" (giving to the state) has to either be explained very carefully to all the "citizens" so they understand how evil it is (for legal reasons) or the process has to be made in line with what people believe it to be. (someone keeping track of all the people that were born)

And if we do not have this discussion and come to a good understanding and an opt-in system (no stealing people's money) then what is going to happen is that people will not take their child to a hospital. Or, the next time we have a baby Alfie situation, all of those police guarding the hospital get beaten unconscious in a bloody, all or nothing attempt to save the baby.

Let me make this clear. The govern-cement does not care about you or your baby. They care about you paying your taxes and following orders.

And so, this will not be a conversation we will have with the govern-cement, it will be a conversation we have among the community, and then it will pushed through govern-cement.

- - - - - - -

Image: Andy Stenning/Daily Mirror
Image: Liverpool Echo

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and the piece to this that no media is talking about- Alfie was killed just days before his second birthday. In the UK, you cannot file a claim to the vaccine damage courts until a child is 2 years old. All of Alfie's symptoms can be attributed to vaccine damage. Was a post mortem done? An autopsy? I'm pretty sure it wasn't, because they ("they") need to keep the actual cause of death undisclosed.

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I did not know this legal wrinkle. If this was indeed part of the ramming through of this case, then may God have mercy on their souls. It also makes a lot more sense as to why they made sure the baby couldn't escape.


They don't deserve mercy there is one fate government workers deserve
No matter if they choose their profession thinking of benefiting society or themselves they are still serving evil.

Sometimes I think we live in a more savage world than people did in the 1200s.


In many ways we do.
Back then it was famine, disease and nature that killed you.
Now we have made most of those irrelevant in our lives.
So, now instead of "nature taking its course" we have to decide ourselves.
... and we are dealing with pyschopathic/govern-cement tendencies to want control over everything.

This is pretty heavy stuff. I have a doctor who is a nice guy I play hockey with but I still feel like we are just a meal ticket for him with his many appointments and return visits and attempts and treatments.

We are definitely just sheep until we decide not to be, then we are dinner.

Love STEEM and your articles and discussion as how we can communicate as a blockchain and share info to build the cause.

I doubt we will unclusterfuck the governcement but we have to educate and talk and mobilize constantly.


Like my last paragraphs in this post, it is we, the people of the community that have to work out how we will handle this. And there are lots of moving parts. Such as, when do people have babies? Really early in their lives, like just when they get started working. So, expecting them to pay for all their baby's needs, especially if anything goes wrong, is just expecting too much.

But the other side of the coin is that the community takes on too much burden and dies.

Unfortunately, we are dealing with a 3rd, overwriting thing, the govern-cement. They want control over who lives and who dies.

The “prison state” can’t allow the baby to escape and get treatment in Italy because what if the baby were “cured or did much better”...after the prison state gave it a “death sentence”. ...pure evil in this world.