First steps.

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Remember how beautiful the moment was when you found out you were having a baby?

And it's been quite a bit of time, and your treasure is already trying to sit, crawl, and now stronger to stand on his feet.

How do you want to have the baby soon made independent steps!

When do children take their first steps?
The first year of life is so fleeting and full of events! Already in 9-11 months kids try to make the first independent steps. Not have time to look around — and the baby already checks the contents of bookshelves, cabinets and bedside tables.

This period is very dangerous-hide from the baby everything you can: traumatic cutting, piercing objects, medicines and important documents that little study yet early.

Before the first attempts to walk the child is carefully prepared for this important event. He tries to stand, holding on to a support, pushes aside both legs, and handles and happily reacts when at it turns out something brand new.

Do not have time to look around — and he is already moving around the house, holding on to everything that meets on the way or pushes a stroller in front of him.

Dad and mom help
By 11-12 months, babies can go a very short distance. Try to stimulate the child to move from father to mother and back — let the coordination develops, strengthen the muscles of the back and legs. He will do it with pleasure, to laugh and rejoice. This is a great exercise to learn how to not only walk but also run faster.

Children's physiology
The development of walking skills — business is not easy, so too fast is not worth it. At first the boy must work napolnitelja, to develop all the major muscles, which in the future will participate in the walk.

The musculoskeletal system in infants is formed for a long time, and too large premature loads are also undesirable. And you have to remember that walking on fragile legs takes the children too much power, from excessive loads can occur exhaustion.

Watch it, switch attention to the crumbs on quiet sessions, alternating between periods of locomotor activity with periods of rest.

The main driving force — the desire to learn new things
At this age, the kid wants to know about the world around him as much as possible. First, he expands his research capabilities when he has the ability to sit on his own, then crawl, well, when he gets on his feet, just like an adult, he becomes available to almost everything in the house.

A very important point in mastering new skills is the interest of the child in learning. While the baby is still crawling, you can show him an interesting toy, putting it just above the eye level.

Your child will rise on legs, to be able to reach out to her. At this point, need to take back the toy and to take it a little further. The child will be interested even more, and he wants to get to the desired object and grab it.

Make special devices
There is a wonderful way to learn walking faster — to make a special path with handrails, so that the child can move around it without assistance. It will just hold the handle to the support and go in any direction. This can be done from what is in the house: for example, by lining up a series of furniture — sofa, chairs, chairs and organizing, thus, the baby path that will quickly lead him to mastering the skills of self-walk.

One boy lived in a new apartment where the bedroom was still empty, because the parents do not have time to buy furniture. Mom temporarily organized a child in her playroom with a large carpet on the floor and all the toys transferred from the nursery. Baby in this moment was almost ten months, and, as it turned out, him was quite not until toys. The boy recovered quickly and began to pace the perimeter of an empty room in a circle, holding onto the walls. After a short period of time he began to do it faster and more confident.

To divert from this exciting experience of the baby was very difficult. As a result, less than a week, as the boy pulled away from the walls and went straight on the Mat towards the opposite side of the room. The first time failed, but turned out with the second. Baby every time I gave myself a break, and then repeated the maneuver.

To observe how he learns to walk, and very systematically, purposefully, persistently, was a real surprise for parents. The result — in ten months the child went alone, and the year was running!

In the above situation, the parents were created (though by accident) very good conditions for mastering the child's walking skills. The kid was totally safe because the room had no sharp furniture corners and obstacles, and to fall on the carpet it was soft and comfortable.

Very often children after two-three painful falls leave attempts to go independently and come back to them with a big delay. The main task for parents at this stage is to minimize injury risk.

When you are in the Park for a walk, more often pay attention to the child's other children who run, jump-in short, are in his "game-world" , to which your baby is not yet involved, because still moving in a stroller.

Try to stimulate it by their example: "Look how the boy ran, come on and we're after him!"- and to help the kid to make it, supporting for handles. If the baby will often see the kids playing, he will soon want to join them, and he will try to do it as soon as possible.

And a few Express tips:
always encourage the child to praise when he / she tries to take independent steps;
do not use a Walker;
do not drive the baby, holding under the arms — this creates an incorrect posture;
if you are on the street-let the child ride his stroller, and you just hold it by the hood;
on walks do not leave the baby sitting in the stroller. Arrived on the destination — we leave the transport and go legs as adults!
Please be a little bit of patience. Very soon your baby will stomp legs around the apartment and have fun running towards mom and dad. We wish this to happen as soon as possible!


Wow you made great analysis out there.

This period is very dangerous-hide from the baby everything you can: traumatic cutting, piercing objects, medicines and important documents that little study yet early.

I had a kid who poured a pot of hot cooked rice on her chest while learning how to walk. It took months before she recovered but the scar is still there till today

Its good to apply great precaution when allowing the baby enjoy life the little way.

young children are facing a danger all around, even where we can not imagine ....
health for your child!

yea. thanks so much

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