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Sometimes in life, it is hard not to give something a second chance.

I know that many people would simply give up on broken or damaged items, but I prefer to try to still find purpose and use in things, even if they would be thrown away by others. In fact, sometimes I will even repurpose things that were thrown away by others.

Some time ago, I bought some tomahawks from a catalog for throwing. The handles were pretty cheaply made, and were not exactly the finest craftsmanship available, which was probably reflected by the price I paid as well.

Anyway, what options did I have when the handle broke off of one?

I could have just trashed the whole thing, but instead I decided to see if it would still work. Throwing tomahawks is pretty awesome, so I didn’t want to give up on the potential awesomeness of this, even though it was broken. Could I just throw the head of the tomahawk without a handle? Well, there is only one way to find out.

To start, I made sure to put a sharp edge on the blade. With would increase the chances of this tomahawk head being awesome.

Next, I had to make a target. A few short cedar logs did the trick.

What happened next was indeed awesome!

An Awesome Video!

Time and time again, I would miss… but then time and time again I figured out how to throw it! I even almost hit the bullseye.


Now, I have an excellent throwing weapon that I can carry in my pocket. There is no long, bulky handle to deal with, and the remaining head fits well into my jacket pocket or a rear pocket of my jeans.

Another Awesome Video!

I know that these days there is not a high demand for being able to defend yourself by throwing tomahawk heads, but, it’s still nice to have that potential, just to be a little more awesome.

As always, I’m @papa-pepper and here’s the proof:




Dude yes!! Ive been trying to make knives lately wish i had a belt sander its in the works...

So glad you think it's awesome!

Looks like I'm not the only 😜 on Steemit!
🤝 🤜🤛
I've lined one half of a garage wall 8 inches thick with cardboard; in the spring and fall I practice with my throwing knives (with the garage door closed, no need to concern the neighbors).
Thank you for your post!
I'll blog about flying edged weapons in April 😉

I know that these days there is not a high demand for being able to defend yourself by throwing tomahawk heads...

Hahaha... steem on, pappa pepper, steem on. :)

Just wait til they all know how much steem I got... defense will increase.

Do you have a pocket protector to protect your pocket from you pocket protector?

I was thinking about that... it works good in my jacket pocket though.

Be careful if papa has a jacket on...

Did I detect a slider? Sign him up! It's not too late for the big leagues!

I don't know if they'd like me chucking tomahawk heads at the major leaguers!

The right team needs to come a callin. Perhaps the braves?

Indeed! You wise old dog!

just be careful if you use the front pockets of your jeans. Then there would be no more little peppers. You might be able to use them as wedges when you start splitting the long timber for house additions. 🍺

Great ideas, thanks for loooking out!

This is really awesomeness! I like it so much @papa-pepper!

Yes, I can tell it was fun and awesome! You are doing great and funny things. That's just amazing!

Something like this:

Those Arkansas deer better watch out! Or maybe the squirrels, since they just lay flat on the tree branch even when you do a wind-up for a throw. Happy tomahawk hurling!

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