Q&A: Please ask your questions here!

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This post is more a "thread" and is supposed to be
the central point for questions and answers about the whole project!

Please let's use the comment section as our communication platform
to keep everything regarding this service
as transparent as possible on the blockchain :)

Let's be an example for good and transparent community work here on the blockchain!

and now: Ask your questions below!

If you are new here and like to support this service, feel free to:

upvote and resteem this post (all rewards are used to power up)
follow our channel @diytube
delegate some SP to raise the voting value
(25SP 50SP 100SP 250SP 500SP)

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Guideline: How we curate awesome DIY content on d.tube
Q&A: Please ask your questions here!
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I’m looking to be posting some of my how to studio recording/ mixing / mastering/ liquid latex tutorials the list goes on lol

Yeah that is awsome! :) (I think this was no question .. wasn't it ? :D )
I included this in the Guideline Post

no more of a comment thread filler of positive vibes lol

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As I am a new minnow also new to curation, can you point me to some examples of what you think is good practice curation. Would love to be under the wing of a long time curator to help me get started.

@goldendawne can probably help you out with some examples or guidance.

But I think we can not make anything wrong, if we follow the guidelines and act like our heart is beating.

If you see something great diy-ish then curate :)

You can also

I saw that you already curated a diy entry :) Really great origami-diy-content :)

Seeya and thanks again for being a part of it :)

@enjoycompany look for well written posts, nicely formatted and easy on the eyes. something unique (maybe how to build a gardening planter using pallets, setting up a new solar panels system). Maybe the person added a GREAT video as well as explaining the process in the text

Thanks for the tip, will check out past curation as well as @tibfox suggestedl

Nice tips! But it is necessary that a dtube-video is included :) That is the curation service about :D