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Good evening powerful beings.

This is my first post on Steemit and I decided that I will share with you over time some of my experiences and the insights&lessons that life has taught me so far with the intention of connecting with like minded people, helping others find their paths and empowering those who've already found it.
I must admit I am a big fan of quotes as i belief words are very powerful when put in the right order. I like getting into discussions, philosophizing, so you will most likely see me post content that will get you to reflect on your own life/situation for a second (hopefully :p), as I want to do with this post :)

This quote is one of my personal favourites, I chose the picture being a rock climber myself and having been confronted with this lesson over and over again. In life, we make up our own obstacles without realising it most of the time. We have this strong belief that things are happening to us and us only. From the second we come to this life we identify with a body and Mind, which is indeed necessary to survive the way we do, but the clinging to it is what causes our suffering. You are not this body nor are you this Mind and personality you created, you are the observer of it all, you are pure awareness.

Knowing that NOTHING can stand in your way, go out and chase your dreams! Conquer your made up fears and do what scares you most! Writing them down and admitting them will already take a lot of their power. So lets start here and share, i'll start.

"I'm currently trying to become an independent business owner yet one of my biggest fears is feeling rejected so i'm usually very good at finding excuses not to talk to people. That is a huge limitation set up by my mind and being aware of it helps me overcome it. "

Thank you for your valuable time,

I hope these few words resonated on some level with you and I'm curious to hear any thoughts.

Yours Sincerely,


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Thank you, I will have a look shortly. I can already see alchemy in the title so very likely to be interested:)

Great post, very sublime topic, and one very important to be reminded of, that it is through facing our own fears, we are able to grow.

The quest for the holy grail, has each of the knights enter the forest at the darkest spot as it appears to each of them individually. That is where the heros quest for the Holy Grail begins, by stepping into that which symbolises the unknown the most for you. And as in the story each knight enters the forest at a different spot, since for each of them what appears as the most scary and darkest spot to enter is different than to the next :)

Welcome to steemit mate, great to have you here ;)


Thank you for the welcome,

I like your anecdote makes sense, is easy to understand and relate too. I remember going on these quests especially as a kid, back then it was somehow easier to enter these dark spots and overcome them...

Interesting how we develop and condition ourselves over time.