Planetary Alchemy - The Revolution is LOVE.

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Planetary Alchemy - The Revolution is Love.

Why You Don't need to do anything drastic to accelerate planetary change.


We live on a planet that has become almost completely controlled by syndicated groups of rich and powerful men and women.

These men and women awnser to forces at the top of a luciferic hiearchy.


At the Top of this hierachy, we can only assume, are power-full, malevelont "Extra terrestrials" - better described as Archons - who have taken control and hold dominion over this planets resourses, including its people.

These Archons and the Humans who are subservient to them ( The so called Illuminati) , are concerned only with maintaining and elevating their own power, while keeping the masses of people enslaved to them via the banking, political, corporate industrial, media, healthcare, Legal, military industrial complex, and alphabet group systems, as well as with technological warfare and mind control systems.

The way they maintain their power is by forcing humanity into subservience by propegating tyranny, and building towards a completly totalitarian world, or "new" world order.

These Powerful beings who assert dominance over us, use us as energetic batteries.


They harness the fear that they create in us via mass spirit cooking (black magic), and harness this energy to increase their own power.

Many people are waking up to the reality of this agenda, and they fear the repercussions of a totalitarian new world order, where people would be 100 % enslaved by 'their' govern-ment.

As such, they deeply desire to to find a way to end this propegated systemic tyranny, which manifests itself on almost all levels of society.

They dream of ways they can usurp back their power from the corrupt, syndicated system that has taken it from them in the first place.

Such methods include:

  1. Directly taking over such system using violence, and distributing power in a truly democratic way.

  2. indirectly / directly infiltrating and recreating such system, to assert true democracy.

  3. starting from scratch via methods such as Sea-Steading, to pilot different ideas of government and seeing what works best.

  4. Libertarian communities.

  5. Libertarian communities with structual modalities.

As well as other methods such as a resource based economy, proposed by the Venus Project, which could be considered structual libertarianism, but could also be confused as socialism to some, who enjoy the benifits of capatalism.

Yet the problem is, although many people claim that they want to create new systems of living,
they don't seem to have any truly viable replacements for the current system - or if they do, their trouble is how to implement them.

Yet although the human population on this planet needs to change their ways of living, including systematic ways of living: this change will evolve over time inevitably.

Although I believe that we should implement pilot programs for "government" that are different from our current idea of the word, preferably combining and utilizing multiple systems,
I am here to tell those people who are anxious to do something drastic now, that they do not need to anything drastic at all.

Of coarse, they are free to do whatever they desire, yet in the case of planetary alchemy, they do not need to do anything at all - for the planet, its people, and its peoples systems, will evolve to change naturally over time.

This is because there is already a revolution taking place; it is a revolution of consciousness.

Those who would immediately disregard this should heed that everything begins with consciousness.

The very universe in which we live, is an end result of consciousness.

All of existence is in-deed conscious - is consciousness.

Nothing that exists is not conscious.

Existence is consciousness.

If everything that is, began with consciousness, wouldn't it make sense that the revolution would begin as a consciousness shift as well?

The 2012 Prophecy.


Although there was a Holly Wood movie made about the 2012 Prophecy, it doesnt exactly capture what the 2012 prophecy is.

The 2012 prophecy is a Mayan recorded prophecy - a prophecy that spoke about the date 2012 as a transformational date.

According to this prophecy, the year 2012 was supposed to be a marker through which we would either pass with flying colours, and begin to transform this planet from mostly negative energy to mostly positive energy, OR begin the course of our absolute destruction.

Considering that it is now 2018 and we have not seen an all out nuclear war, I'd say were doing A okay.

The 2012 shift was a marker where we would either shift into higher frequency, or continue on our downward path of destruction.

We have passed this marker, and are heading into a new age of enlightenment.

As our planet and solar system continue their rotation around the milky way galaxy, we are heading into the aqaurian age, and our solar system is heading into what we can call a photon belt.

Although, it is perhaps more descriptive to call this belt an "ocean of light", as this is how we will experiance it.

Such phenomenon is the backbone of the 2012 prophecy, which is actually a calender pointing to this date that is the beginning of planetary transformation.

What is actually happening, is that our star the sun (one of the outer stars of the pleadies cluster) , as well as our entire solar system, is continuing along its 24,000 year orbit of Alcyone, the central star of the pleadies system, and is entering a band of light that continuosly emenates from Alcyone.


According to many sources, our star will take 2000 to cross this belt of photonic light.


During this movement, it is anticipated that all low density negative energies will fade away, and a golden age of light will emerge; eventually transforming humanity into a 'Golden race' of Homo-Luminous human beings.

During this time of hieghted ascension, the negative energies on this planet will disentigrate as we continue to evolve and climb into higher dimensions. Any purely malevelont beings, including fear mongerors and archons, will be forced to re-incarnate not on earth, but on another 3D planet.

Thus, no matter what any one does, this planet will be transformed, and the darkness of this planet transmuted into light.

This is inevitable.

This is the prophecy.

This is the coming of a new age.

The transitioning from a very dark age into a golden age of light.

This is why you don't need to anything drastic to change the world - because the world is already changing.

That is not to say that you SHOULDN"T do something to help change the world.

On the contrary, you definitely should.

But even though you should endeavor to change the world, you do not have to do anything drastic at all, because the world is changing already.

Do what you feel guided to do, but do it out of love for Hummanity, not out of F.E.A.R. .

Because the revolutioon is coming - it is happening.

And the revolution is Love.

We highly appretiate your sustained attention.

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Interesting, now i will have what to think about for like the rest of the evening :D !

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Such phenomenon is the backbone of the 2012 prophecy, which is actually a calender pointing to this date that is the begining of planetary transformation.
It should be beginning instead of begining.

Wow what an interesting and educative post, love the content.
I was always curious about "illuminati, new world order, the 2012 Maya prophecy etc" but never knew where to get reliable information from... "how to know what source to trust" was my biggest obstacle that lead to me stopping my research.
Again the question comes to mind 'why I should trust this source' but over the last few years i've learnt to listen to the inner voice, and right now it tells me THIS ARTICLE MAKES SENSE. It is basically a resume (and a very good one i must say) of all the info that i throw at myself and was thrown at me on my quest of truth. I am curious to read more about this subject and now have a good basis to go by.

The only thing that doesn't change is change itself so no need to take drastic actions, let's all just lead by example and live a life of Love and light.