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Well I’ll be damned. There's a lot of cool stuff happening all of a sudden.

After loudly denying rigging their primaries for two years, the leaders of the Democratic Party are now openly admitting to deliberately stacking primary elections to ensure the win of preselected establishment loyalists. In response to an audio recording of House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer telling a progressive congressional candidate that he'll be running in a contest rigged for his opponent by the DCCC if he doesn't drop out, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi came right out and told the press "I don’t see anything inappropriate in what Mr. Hoyer was engaged in — a conversation about the realities of life in the race as to who can make the general election.”

I mean, wow. She just came right out and said it. All it took was a little audio recording to transform months and months of "But Russia! Russia Russia Russia!" into "Yeah of course we do that. Duh."

And it really is that blatant and undeniable. I've gotten a few establishment loyalists in my social media notifications attempting to argue that "rigging" is too strong a word for the act of secretly stacking primary contests to ensure the election of preselected candidates, but their heart isn't really in it. After a certain point there's only so much Orwellian doublethink you can do.

Not long ago I was downright terrified that the western empire was going to provoke a dangerous military escalation in Syria, and while that still could very well happen it looks like the warmongers are going to have to do a lot of work to get there. An aggressive opposition to military interventionism and intense skepticism of the establishment narrative about an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma arose all across the political spectrum as soon as the drums of war began beating, and after a few empty buildings were bombed under the false claim that they contained chemical weapons, the drums are much quieter.

What has replaced the sound of the war drums is the desperate shrieking of the establishment propaganda machine, which has been frantically attacking anyone who dared to express skepticism about the official western Douma narrative. One particularly shrill day saw no less than seven high-profile smear pieces published about antiwar voices toward that end. Seven. In one day.

The war propagandists exposed themselves very badly with that one, and the public is unlikely to forget it. You can only be seen screaming "You're not allowed to ask questions about that" so many times before people start wondering what you're trying to hide. The propaganda machine has never been so visible to the public, and this is all coming after the empire was caught lying about the Skripal poisoning.

After all that white knuckle Syria intensity, seeing what just happened on the Korean Peninsula was pure heart candy. There are reasons to be optimistic, there are reasons to be pessimistic. But hope is in the air, and people are excited.

And sometimes that's all it takes.

Trump's support base is highly enthused about these new developments, and who can blame them? If peace prevails on the Korean Peninsula it will be regarded a major political victory for this administration no matter how his opposition tries to spin it, and, more importantly, it will open people's minds to what is possible all over the world. If enough people in a large and influential political faction get it into their minds that the world is transforming and awakening, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy whether it was technically true to begin with or not.

Either way, the MAGA crowd believes, and now they're talking like a bunch of patchouli-wearing hippies. Which is of course awesome.

The other day I watched some Trump supporter guy with a Youtube show called America First because he made a tweet which caught my eye. The first 43 minutes of the clip I skimmed through looked like fairly generic MAGA fare about free speech and conservative values, but then all of a sudden this clean cut, couldn't-look-more-Republican-if-he-tried guy pulls out a white board with a yin-yang symbol, a picture of someone meditating, and the words "shakti" and "kundalini" written on it. And he starts monologuing about eastern mysticism.

I'm not sure what this is, but it's definitely different. A bunch of tweets and videos by Mike Cernovich, Scott Adams and Kanye West have been dancing in an unexpected way that has conservatives now talking about a shift in consciousness transforming the way humanity functions in the near future. Liberals and leftists are scoffing at it of course, but it's definitely a thing, and in my opinion it's downright fascinating.

The MAGA crowd has always impressed me with its ability to energetically and spontaneously unify behind a single theme as a group, like a flock of birds or school of fish changing direction together on a dime. There are certainly worse things they could pour their collaboration into than manifesting a spiritual revolution.

And who the hell am I to say they're wrong about that? It's not like we've got a choice anyway; either our species will change the way it functions or we'll wipe ourselves out via nuclear holocaust or climate catastrophe within a few decades, no matter how loudly and smugly we scoff at the guys in MAGA hats. If humanity is going to take a last-ditch, evolve-or-die leap into the unknown and unprecedented, now would surely be the time to do it. If a bunch of right-wingers get it into their heads that humanity is undergoing a spiritual transformation, that certainty could be all it takes to tip us into the shift we all know we need to make anyway.

Could something big be in the works? Something which transcends all our little echo chamber walls and ideological boundaries, which comes not from the repetitive thought loops in our minds but from our deep evolutionary drive to survive? I hope so. And call me naive and deluded if you like, but right now I'm seeing plenty of reasons to hope.

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The US will happily exploit cheap North Korean labor and install missile systems right at the Chinese borders.

Actually that was going to be to be my main point.

A Korean re-unification has been in the works but I think it tips in the favour of China; as in, China is becoming a liberal consumption economy. Japan and South Korea already are.... The idea is to create an East Asian Union similar in structure to the European Union. Now that doesn't necessarilly mean freedom of movement for peoples just yet, though at some point in time, I think a significant portion of the Chinese population will be granted pure freedom of movement around most of Asia and indeed the globe, much like Americans are granted today visa-free entry in huge swathes of the globe.

But for starters, this is going to take form as a Free-Trade-Agreement Vol.2 AKA a political union with shared decision making.

I've speculated as have others that in order to create an East Asian political union, between countries that have fought amongst themselves, committing some of the worst war crimes, atrocities and crimes against humanity in recent collective memory to have some kind of existential threat in order to come together, much like WW2 was for the Europeans, and which lead to the European Union.

Well, it seems that East Asians youths do have a political will to not actually enter war and just do the damn thing without opposing it politically much.... Therefore even though you can find great percentages of Chinese who hate Japanese and don't want them in their country, and vice-versa, seems like a political union and shared-decision making process is something that is happening (at least behind the scenes) and many people just won't have the will to oppose it, since it does signal or at least appear to signal better economic prosperity and stability for the region....

Call this argument what ever you will, but I think a Korean reunification has been just as much in the cards as the collapse of the Berlin Wall... It's all part of the globalist plan to create supranational regional governing entities which can all be fused into World Government...

Not only are these events planned, but I mean, even if guys like the leader of North Korea didn't want anything to do with it, well, the war would momentarilly go hot for regime change, and the changes would take place anyway...

It's very tricky in this era to stay in the past and keep the traditions and history alive...

People have to move on...

Plus like some people have pointed out, re-uniting the Koreas is actually a nice thing, just like reunited the two Germanys was... At the end of the day, it's stupid to separate people of the same culture and language for political expediency of and reasons that don't make any sense any more...

I'm actually glad that this could happen peacefully rather than through conflict... It is surely a better way, and since these changes would come anyway, I whole-heartedly support a peaceful resolution rather than N.K regime change...

I think China has a large part to do with this... Kim went to China (first official state visit of this president) before any of this... Trump will pat himself on the bat and take credit for it because of America's claimed hegemonic status in international affairs; but this is all China's doing.

Peace and Love xx

It's not all China's doing. China was letting NK skirt the sanctions by letting NK produce product in China to get around the sanctions, they were also caught shipping coal into NK...the Trump administration called them out on it. That's what it takes to force people to come to the table. The very carefully crafted media presentation of bringing his sister onto the world stage during the Olympics was also a crucial factor promoting the benefits of being accepted instead of banished on the world stage. China had the ability to do this all along but never did, this was crafted, in my opinion, from the first meeting at MarLaGo between Trump and China, the plan was laid out, agreed upon and Trump didn't just let things slide back into their normal behavioral patterns he kept China focused.


Is it some kind of Jedi mind trick ? No, don't focus on Trump's administration appointments or his actions, focus on the shift in Dragon energy and just know to keep the faith as something very good is just ahead. Bolton and Haspel aren't the droids you're looking for.

Lol this made me chuckle ^^
good comment ^^

North and South Korea re-uniting would be one of the most awesome things that could happen to the world.

Friendship won

Maybe Trump could bid a price for the Korean Wall/Fence/Battier. This way Korea can Unite, Trump can have his wall on the cheap, no waste, very eco friendly, jobs for Korea to remove the crap. Jobs for the USA to rebuild it. Happy DNC for having a Fence/Barrier, Happy Trump for having a cheap Wall.
Happy people in Korea who finally can reunite after being devided for so long due to a conflict that... Why was there a conflict again????

There's been a noticeable shift in the cultures of the dominant political wings in the US: the Left has moved from anti-war, anti-establishment to pro-censorship authoritarianism; the Right has moved from uppity, anti-gay, anti-drug to energetic hippie free-speech lovers.

They say paradigm shift for a reason!

Take about the yin and yang doe! Everything is balanced :) xx

I like your post very much to me. I hope this is always better post than ever.

I'm probably one of the most pessimistic people on earth at times. I do see a sort of change happening within peoples general discord. Threats of war, I think make people less focused on the petty things. I just hope this diffences doent just fizzle out.

OH HELL NO. As a Colorado resident, this is outrageous and this has solidified my support for Levi Tillemann.

I'm not necessarily surprised by the blatant disregard for voters voices, but hearing it on audio is especially icky.

And how about the "I'm for Crow" and two breaths later "I don't know Crow well but he's the favorite"

Can these "old boy's club" career politicians please just retire already.


I used to feel like we're living in a dream. I still do, but I used to too!

More to the point I think it's all a simulation.

Is Trump the hero we've been waiting for? Is he replacing one mob for another? Tune in next week as we continue the Deep State Battle.

Needs some war drums being beat and a high speed car chase.

I'm thinking Mad Max Fury Road style xx

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