Annie Leonhart of Attack on Titan: An Entry for @julstamban's Anime Villains Drawing Contest

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Going against the flow takes a lot of courage. I respect that. Maybe people who can do it are just stupid, but… Well, what I’m sure of is that people like that are rare.

-Annie Leonhart
Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

I missed the Art contest initiated by @steemph.cebu last week due to hectic workload, but I stumbled upon @julstamban’s ongoing Art Contest which I immediately saved for the weekend. In this challenge, the villains of our favorite Anime are being used as a subject. You can see more of it here.

Normally, protagonists are highlighted all the time simply because they’re the lead stars of every story. They get beaten countless times, but they always got our back. The more they get oppressed, the more sympathy we give to them, and the more hate we grow to their antagonists or commonly known as the villains. Villains may get all the hate and animosity from the audience, but still, they play equal importance as the protagonists. Without them, there will be no spice, no thrill, and no excitement in the story.


Annie Leonhart of Shingeki No Kyojin. A supposed to be the protector of humanity from the Titans who turned out to be one of those monsters who exist for the Annihilation of mankind.

Weeks ago, I posted about My Top Three Favorite Anime aside from One Piece. I chose one antagonist character out those three Anime. I could choose one of the homunculi from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the protagonist/antagonist, Light, from Death Note, or one of the Titans from Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titans). Well, as you see, I chose the third option since I wanted to have a realistic portrait of a titan using my ever fave Soft Pastels.


Art Materials Used: Old brown envelope, soft pastels, and correction fluid

The Process


This is an attempt to make a realistic version of Annie Leonhart.

It took me two days to finish this Artwork due to laziness. I would focus myself on it for a minute and spend the rest of an hour slouching. So this is my accomplishment for the first day. As you can see, it looks like an alien at first. I started from the lightest to darkest colors. I believe applying such technique is essential not only in soft pastels but also in charcoal and other forms of art mediums. It is easier to darken than to lighten any artworks. Pastels are hard to manage especially when you are dealing with a fiber-like canvas surface like this brown envelope. The more you smudge and blend the colors, the more visible the fibers would be.

xplorestheWorld1 (1).png

On day two, I focused more on Annie's hair and makeup. I'm not really satisfied with how the hair ended up, but I have to end it there since layering another color would tear this old brown envelope apart. Instead, I proceeded with her body's details. I added a smokey effect to make it more dramatic while Annie is transforming herself into a Titan.


So there it is! How about you? who is your favorite Anime Villain?

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ANNIEEEEEE!!!! I loved this!

wow thank youuu :D

nice drawing , i like Annie but i love historia mor than her


Yaaaay I also love Historia! Cheers!

wow amazing art @smaeunabs . Gifted kaau ka madam kaw na ghakot na nmu tanan lodi this girl <3

Yaaaaay thank yoi so much pretty @joancabz! Kuwang ra gihapon kay wa koy lovelife hahaha push ko ning #afamgoals2018 hahaha

your welcome pretty @smaeunabs :) sos ayaw sa pangita ug lovelife #singlegoals is much better :D YOUNG WILD AND FREE . <3

Really good!

Wola,ang lupit mo po :)

Waaaah ang lupit mo rin :D Ganda nung entry mo, God bless to us :D

Wow. Very talented naman this girl. ☺️

yaaaaay thank you so much pam! lodi rin kita sa mga logos mo :D

Great job, how long did it take you to do it?

Thank youuu so much! I made it for two days, about an hour each day :D

Madm pede share'an pod ko nimog talent sa arts???? Hahahahahaha walang kupas!!! 😍

halaaaaaaaaaa artistic man sad kayka man! ilabas ang galing with Tang! hahahahaha ipagawas na imong talent dri man! :D Thank you kaayo :D

Hahahaha wa ko kbw unsa nga art imo gmean nga artistic pod ko shei hahah 😅

the art of selling hahahahha <3

gifted ka din ah... you have a golden talent... smaeunabs the super hero... este.. contra bida.. mali.. bidang contra-bida.. wooooow

hahahahahah thank u ever supportive jez! Way ko to para salubungin ang Halloween bukas :D

uu nga.. Halloween ba? hindi ba ara ng mga patay bukas...? independence day? barbecue festival? hahahaha..

Sa wakas natapos na rin ang pagdurusa hahahaha

Hahahahaha salamat jez! Traditional art lang kaya ko ngayon. Hopefully, matuto akong mga digital art gaya mo. :D

Well done @smaeunabs! This piece just shows how great of an artist you are! I hope I know how to create pieces like this. This is not easy to do and because of that,I have so much respect for you.Such an inspiration!

yaaaay thank you @reewritesthings! Looking at your recent calligraphy tutorial, I am confident you can do artworks like this. You surely know how to blend colors. yaaaay Give it a try, relaxing kaayo :D

yey sge buy nya ko materials. :)

wow! stunning artwork!

Thank youuu sooo much juls! Thanks for initiating this contest :D

Well done! you created a nice texture with those skins and muscles. Your artwork is awesome! I also want to invite your to my drawing contest. Regards!

Thank youu so much @danielfs! I will surely take a look on that contest :D

waaa! grabeh! iba ka talaga lodi! sobrang galing😲

yaaaaay mana sa'yo lodi thank you soo much :D

wow chadaha uy ♥

hala salamat uy :D

uwian na, bes. may nanalo na.

hahahahahahahaha salamat kuyaaa

nice kau dai... amazing!! di k kabalo mogamit pastels..ahhahaah

You done a great Job! Art looks great

I like this post

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