Autosteem 1.5 - USE it FREE, it's no longer voting my content.

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For those of you who have avoided using my Autosteem product because it spends a few votes to support my content, I wanted to now share, that you can use autosteem without any cost at all now. So, it will not spend ANY votes except how you configure it for use.

If you don't know what autosteem is, well its an advanced way to browse posts, pictures and content on steemit, with many tools and views to help you curate great content, including the most powerful auto voting filters, follower votes and favorite voting system that I've seen or found for the steem blockchain.

Read more about it here, go check it out and try it for your yourself.!/home

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You've certainly put the work in. It's always hard to justify learning something new, but then I'm usually glad I did.
Appreciate your efforts.


thanks mate, I can certainly agree that I learned a lot doing it for sure. Haven't been as active at steemit since busy with a new business but glad to know people are still using it in the community. I've love to have more time to take it further or perhaps some new tools, but alas, not lately.

buenas amigo soy venezolano , estoy visitando sus trabajos lo felicito y espero me tiendan una mano en estos momentos que vive mi pais, visite mis pots gracias

Thanks for being awesome, I'll be adding your name to my author list anyway!
By the way, for some reason I've been unable to use AutoSteem since about a week. And while it should be v1.5 I still see it as v1.4.
If anybody has had the same problem and knows what's wrong, please do share!


@jackhircus, if you reload your page with SHIFT F5, it should refresh all the pages, as it may still be caching the previous version in your browser. As for using it, everything is still working. After many hours it is still often dropping the websocket stream, so you may have to refresh the page when this happens, but I've been able to run everything just fine lately.

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You might be needing some fine-tuning, my friendly bot.

Thank you for the unhelpful information!
I'll follow you. Please come to my blog occasionally;)

it's not going well the page is frozen and it does not do anything

Hey, mybe you can add how old a post has to be in maximum to not upvote the post anymore (like the bot can only upvote if the post is 25 to 35 minutes old)

Hi @unipsycho
I am currently running your application using the tag filter steemhost under the steemhost01 profile and also added you to favourite blogs.

I have just found your service and I have a few questions.
1- does it only work when your computer is turned on
2- can you have more than 1 account logged on at the same time