Have You Ever Thought About Writing a Book or Ebook?

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Hey y'all. I participated in this webinar Sunday night on three things aspiring book authors need to know. I am writing a book on how Buddhism has impacted my life. I became acquainted with Sarah Barbour a couple years ago in a forum for current and aspiring authors, she is an editor and she writes romance novels about to write her eighth. She is a critical thinker and I highly respect her views.

Gladys Ato is a clinical psychologist and consultant who write her first book with Sarah's assistance (If I remember that correctly). If you've ever thought about writing a book this will help nudge you in the right direction. No selling here although in the future they are going to create a course and want to know what you feel is mysterious about it to help you get started.

Is 2018 Your Year to Be an Author?

Join Sarah Barbour, book coach, and Dr. Gladys Ato, psychologist and author, as we discuss the "3 C's" you need to make writing your book easier, faster and more fun!

We will be creating a short series of resources for authors customized to what YOU need. Let us know what you're struggling with in the comments below and pop in your email address at this link so we can send you your customized resource toolkit this week!


Click here to sign up for the resource guide: "Because Writing a Book Doesn't Have to Be Painful"

Here are link to some of the resources mentioned in this video:
Simon Sinek's "Start with Why" TED Talk: www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOC4xcCxnzg

Thought record template: http://www.cognitivetherapyguide.org/thought-review-thought-record.htm

CBT Thought Record Diary By Eddie Liu https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cbt-thought-record-diary/id1010391170?mt=8


I took Sarah's online course at the start of last year and it was really good!

That's a great testimonial I'm looking forward to seeing what she offers next with Gladys :)

She really knows her stuff! Yes I'm gonna check her site out too! :) I want to shift to fiction soon with my books.

Thanks for sharing this, including the links to the other resources. I’m curious as to what the ‘3 Cs’ are — Guess I’ll have to sign up. 🙂

Sorry I forgot the link to the webinar, it's up there now :)

I Always wanted to write a book but don’t have time all life gone studying stupid textbooks and studying medicine sucks. Hope one day I’ll write but I feel i won’t get that day😊

Sorry to hear maybe you can write a survival guide for med school :)

That is awesome @soulsistashakti! I look forward to your book. I do want to write a book one day. I think I need a few more years before I do so though. Big things for 2018!!! :D

You may change your perspective after view the short video that I have now included (I forgot earlier)

Hmm I may have to get started sooner than I thought. I do know it can be done and not really intimidated to do so. I think I can be a bit more advanced in myself or work before I start to put that out there but this has made me consider to do it much sooner than expected. Already have started to think of ideas to get started and the layout, lol. Thanks so much for the extra push!

Here's the link, I found it very inspiring: https://www.facebook.com/sarah.barbour.18/videos/10155872069380218

It's very much the way the music production course I'm taking right now from Berkelee school of music illuminated some things about thinking like a producer and me thinking I have a long way to go for certain things. It's kind of funny how we can make a determination about something we don't have all the facts about...sounds like that negativity bias at work :) Ha ha! At the same time you don't know what you don't know but I think it can be a difference of a matter of hours or days than years if we are presented with the right information.

100% agree with you about having the right information and the people to achieve what we want. This is why mentors and coaches are so important. Thanks for sharing, I was watching it last night and it was exciting me to get started as soon as possible. Thank you!!

I found this so helpful! I am 18 years old and have decided to began writing my book. Although I am still researching the things I need to know before I start, I would love to hear some of the things that you took into account when writing your first book. Thank you so much, again. (:

Hi, that's great :) I didn't write a book yet I signed up to possibly take this course from a colleague who is a professional author. I hope you check out the links up there and sign up for the info. Basically, she is designing a new course on the questions that people submit. I was actually thinking of reaching out to her and seeing how she was coming along with it. Let me know if you have any questions.

That's great! I will definitely check it out.

Here I just exchanged words with Sarah Barbour and she said the website is almost ready. It's very good check it out :) . http://www.author180.com/

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