Wow echt super geniale Bilder 👍

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I made the first summit with my son (5y) this summer. He should at least become half tyrolean. ;-)
Nice views and good to see you back!

!BEER Tolle Fotos! Du lebst in einer schönen Gegend und hast ein schönes Hobby - ich meine nicht das Bier ;-)

Traumhafte Bilder Martin! Da bin ich gleich motiviert meinen nächsten „Bergbeitrag“ rauszuhauen! 😋

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Beeindruckende Bilder und Bericht!

Yeah I've hiked some trails in the smokey mountains that you get to the top and see nothing but fog, but when you do get a chance to see the views at the top they're always breathtaking like some of the photos you have.

Thanks for sharing and welcome back.

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