Is there a way to watch 9Now outside Australia?

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I would really like to watch 9Now online, but can not do so outside Australia. Is there a way to watch 9Now outside Australia still and bypass geo-blocks?

I will try to make the answer very quickly! Yes, there is a way to watch 9Now outside Australia and the principle is exactly the same as when you want to watch Foxtel Go and Tenplay from abroad. You will need to be virtually located in Australia in order to watch 9Now from abroad. For this to happen you will need an Australian IP address, but that is not enough. You need to get an Australian IP address that will let you watch 9Now from abroad.

I have done some tests on this, and based on my tests there is one provider that should work perfectly for this purpose.

Do you get this error message as you try to watch 9Now from abroad?

Watch 9Now from abroad with a VPN

To watch 9Now from abroad you will need to use the VPN services of ExpressVPN This is a company with lots of servers in nations all across the world, and with lots of servers and IP addresses in Australia. To get started and to watch 9Now from abroad you will first need to sign up for ExpressVPN. This can be done as you click the button beneath.

After you have signed up with ExpressVPN you will have to download their VPN client. Once you have their application connect to a server in Australia. When you are connected you should restart your browser or restart the 9Now application on your iPhone or Android. When this is done you can simply visit 9Now again and watch their shows on demand or live from outside Australia.

If you want to know more about ExpressVPN you can also read my ExpressVPN review here.

Are you ready to watch 9Now online outside Australia? I hope you are, because if you have followed these instructions you should be ready to watch within a few minutes!


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