January Slow But Busy!

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Well, January somehow seems to be one of the longest months out there, same old story every year.

2019 was no exception, but it was still a very busy month.

We've seen Bitcoin prices get to where they were prior to the 2017 pre-fork hype, we've seen a lot of the tokens out there survive the craziness of 2018 and everything seems to have calmed down now as far as all the FUD goes.

Steem and SBD are doing just fine as usual heading towards the 4th year of existence this year, 3rd birthday coming soon!

and what about the news?


Well, there has been a fair bit of news out there, here is just some of the latest and greatest crypto and blockchain news in and from Australia:


It looks like:

TenX [Pay] Revolutionary Crypto-Card Manufacturer Expands to Australia

this information has not yet been confirmed 100%, but from what the media sources claim, it seems to be happening!

TenX Cards will now be available in Australia. They have revealed subtly on their twitter page that they have arrived in Australia with a graphic indication of a Kangaroo holding a TenX card. The Australian enthusiasts who had registered on the notification page of TenX have reportedly received e-mails from the firm regarding Australian expansion.



You can check out the full story here: coingape.com/tenx-pay-expands-australia/



& from the same source we can find that

Australia – Top Regulators Building Pro-Regulation Crypto Industry, Registering 246 Bitcoin Exchange

Regulators Building Pro-Regulation Crypto Industry, Registering 246 Bitcoin Exchange

Australias financial authority, AUSTRAC (The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis) is forming pro-regulations for the crypto industry.

Australia Encourages Pro-Regulations


For the full story, check it out at: coingape.com/australia-top-regulators-registering-246-bitcoin-exchange/


& that same piece of news from a different souce: news.bitcoin.com/australias-financial-intelligence-agency-registers-246-bitcoin-exchanges/

The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (Austrac) has now officially registered 246 cryptocurrency exchanges. Pro-regulation industry participants have described the move as a key step towards legitimizing crypto assets. The registration process includes performing background checks and other anti-money laundering procedures on the entities involved.

Austrac Says Regulation Will Curb Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing


& here is a piece of news that is a real eye catcher!


Australian Bitcoin ATM Startup Says Its Raking in $360,000 Per Week

A Bitcoin ATM company from Australia has reported a weekly turnover of $500,000 AUD (roughly $360,000 USD) despite the cryptocurrency bear market.

$360,000 Weekly Turnaround


Where is that "bear market"?

Who said "Bear market?"


For that full story, go to: bitcoinist.com/australian-bitcoin-atm-auscoin-turnover/



So you see, sure it was a slow and long month for many of us out there, it is after all January.

Now that the kids are all back at school and life returns back to a normal schedule for most of us during the shortest month in the year we can expect to see a lot of great news heading our way!


Glad to be back in action!

For all readers who are registered on Steem, go check out all the great posts put in by bloggers about Steem and the front ends that we have all built and hooked up to the Steem blockchain:





On that great note,

signing out for www.steemaustralia.org




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Thanks some good news there :)

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