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As can be seen in the above snapshot, we have an outright winner.

@tonytrillions has cleaned with the three posts he submitted!


Obviously it paid off to go the extra mile during this phase of the contest and resteem it to all friends in this deep blue ocean of Steemians!


Investing In Steem Power - The Best Way To Help Steem Land On The Moon
by @tonytrillions

Investing In Steem Power - The Best Way To Help Steem Land On The Moon Part Two
by @tonytrillions

Investing In Steem Power - The Best Way To Help Steem Land On The Moon Part Three
by @tonytrillions

1st PRIZE = 40 STEEM

2nd PRIZE = 30 STEEM

3rd PRIZE = 20 STEEM

A total of 90 Steem in this phase of the contest is going to our grand winner!



All 3 prizes will be sent in one transfer in 3 days time (as soon as they get transferred into liquid funds).

WOW, what a WIN, all three prizes to the same author!

Well done mate!

Back to the drawing board to see what we can come up with in the future.

Promoting Steem all the way to the day when Steem becomes the dream!

Signing our for Steem Australia.



It’s been awhile since I won big 💰💰💰

Why is this moment so sweet?? I love it so much 💙💙
May have just done a victory dance in my car for knowing I am psyched!
Finally, after so many sleepless nights of trying to engage steemians to upvote & resteem my posts so I can step up to the next level,
I won my first promo-steem contest taking all the prizes home in a row.
"I completely agree! I was very lucky."
I ain't finished yet, this is only the beginning 🏆🥇💪🏿
I can’t wait for the steem prices to hike up after this bloodbath.
It’ll either be a whole lot of love because I will have accomplished my steem savings target or even power up to increase my steem power.
I still can't believe I won 90 steem.
All my life I haven't win anything in all of the contests/promos/raffles I joined.
This is very special since some of my steem friends were involved.
I might grow to a minnow very soon.
❤️ I'm so blooming happy 😍
Special regards to @jackmiller @steemaustralia @hustlehacker @hedgeye @steamboy @dreamer254 @abasinkanga (and team) not forgetting @ashucoin.
If it were not for you this wouldn't have happened.
I treasure y'all

Congratulations tonytrillions for winning such a big prize.
Well @steemaustralia its only 90 steem where is other 60 steem as it was perhaps 150 steem contest???
Well i feel very said for not winning any position after going to the last round also. I feel it would be better that other runner ups also encourage rather than to only one person. But its ok. Its my personal feeling so don't mind it. I feel little bad, but its human nature so all right.😊😊

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The 60 Steem has already been paid out in 4 prizes of 15 Steem each during the months that the posts were being submitted (up to 01 January 2019).

All paid in full.

Ooooo... That way
Then fineeee. Thanks for your reply.

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Is there gonna be a round 3 too?

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There was no need for a round 3, when in round 2 it was all the one and the same person in all 3 of the top3 positions.

So round three would have been a waste of time and money from the rewards pool.

& all the questions are answered in round 2... 😃

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