Melbourne Sculptures by Deborah Halpern

in australia •  5 months ago

Birrarung Marr Parkland - A Melbourne Must See

The Birrarung Marr Parkland is in Melbourne in Australia and is easily accessible and with one side facing the Yarra river.

We found it to be full of interesting features and plants and a great place to people watch and just stroll around.

This picture shows one of the Deborah Halpern Sculptures with Melbourne in the background. It is probably my favourite art installation there although I really loved the The Federation Bells too. You will find them on the middle terrace.

The sound sculpture is a collection of upside bells of different sizes which play three times a day. They are controlled by computer but, sadly, we were not there at the right time to hear them.

Never mind. It's another good reason to return to Australia one day.

melbourne sculptures.jpg

Be sure to click on the image to view it full screen!

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Thank you to @juliank and @photocontests for the daily photography contest.

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Sorry You couldn't hear their sound but it's a really good reason to come back :).I found it now on the Internet and it is a very interesting Carillon, @gillianpearce,


I found it now on the Internet

how resourceful of you @madlenfox! Why didn't I think of that? 😁


@gillianpearce, I was just curious about what these inverted bells look like and how they sound 😁

I like the angle! And interesting design! What is it made of? And what do they do if controlled by the computer?


I'm not sure what it's made of @rimicane. Wired and plaster? Concrete? It didn't have a metal feel.

The computer controls the playing of the bells, not the scuptures. 😁

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howdy there gillianpearce! upside down bells that play? I'd like to see how they work that's for sure. When you going back? we need to see those. lol.


I think you can find them on Google @janton. @madlenfox mentioned she's listened to them on line.

I'd still like to hear them in person though. 😊


howdy gillianpearce! yes Ma'am I saw that about them being online but that won't do, we want you to go back! lol. that way you'll have an excuse to travel some more, because your fans demand it! lol.


Well, if my fans are willing to start a "Get Gillian Back To Australia" fund, I'm willing to take one for the team @janton! 😂


haha! that's a great idea gillianpearce! who know's it could happen?

Very cool. I'd love to visit Australia someday


thank you @jeffjagoe. It's most definitely worth a visit. 😊

good morning .
I love that beautiful capture
Happy Friday


Thank you @txatxy. Happy Friday to you too. 😊