Story Time With Michael Kingswood - Episode 86

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I've been so busy posting about everything else going on I forgot to spread the word about last week's podcast.

And I just published this week's podcast this evening. So...yeah. Gotta get caught up.

In Episode 18 of Story Time, I...wait for more of The Pericles Conspiracy.

Shocker, I know.

I also discussed my week seven success in The Great Challenge (old news now), and a few other goings on.

As usual, you can get the video version from YouTube or BitChute. I would recommend BitChute more than YouTube for obvious don't feed the totalitarian reasons. And I just learned how to embed BitChute videos so you won't see me embedding another YouTube video if I can help it. But there are a lot of people still on that cesspit, so I'll still post there, for the time being.

Or you can download audio only through your podcollector of choice or straight from my podcast feed.

Here's the video stream - live from BitChute.

[iframe src="" width="100%" height="450"]


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