SOLD! A day at Ross Auction House.

in auction •  5 months ago

I have always been memorized by auctioneer's and auction houses. When I was about 7 my mom bought a horse out of the blue (we never owned a horse and had no place to put it) and since then I have always wanted to go back. I mostly just watch but sometimes I'm a buyer. You never know what you might find at an auction man's junk is another man's treasure. SOLD!

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Thanks for picking up some fun stuff for Sadie! @broncnutz


I think she can find some good stuff in these bags.

Cool video buddy! I did a couple post on the Salvation Army Auction months ago. I was visiting my Uncle in Ft.Lauderdale. He likes that kind of stuff. This auction here looks a bit better than than the Salvation Army! Funny as it's now about 6 months later and I'm actually on my way back to Florida to visit Uncle Kenny Again! My time in S. America has come to a rapid end. Tomorrow I fly from Santiago Chile, to Lima, to Ft Lauderdale. Thanks for stopping by my blog this week and leaving those nice Bronc Nutz tips in my steemit Jar. So appreciated!

Looks like you are having a great time and enjoying life in Colorado. Very happy for you!

Next stop the good ol' USA. I'm happy to be coming home for a bit :)

Have a great day!


There is a wide range of stuff there. Ever find deals on silver?


Every now and then but there are lots of silver customers.

I think that to be an auctioneer is one of the biggest and most respected jobs in life since you must have a very large knowledge regarding quality and price on things and accommodate it to give a better proposal for sale or purchase if you have a good knowledge as you have it I see it you can go far, I send you a big hug from Venezuela god bless you

Very nice of you to pick up all that jewelry for your niece. Who knows she may become a star on Instagram modeling all those jewels! Auctions are great places to get deals. I bet some nice stuff slips through there every now and then.

great video sir and very well worked

I used to go to auction houses just to see what people bid and what not and really got interested into it for a while . It is true , what’s junk to one person can be everything to the other .

I totally agree with you, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Well said my friend. Only smart one’s gets into buying, takes skills to be a good buyer

wow you bought alot of things
give me some lol
cheers o/

Nicely quoted that "one man's junk is another man's treasure. SOLD!"

Hahah seems like a great auction friend what you have got for us.

I have been to several auctions in my time but never like this. This seems like a great place to grab some stuff at a discounted price. Auctions are so much fun to watch. Especially when you have a good auctioneer. Every year at the fair we attend the animal auction. We have family who are farmers and so they used to pick up cattle sometimes at the auctions. I bought a car once at an auction but it was afterwards. The car didn’t sell so I checked it out aft the auction was over. Got a sweet deal.

So true, that junk house will be turn to the treasure house when the right things like renovation is done.

This is so neat! It takes real talent to be an auctioneer.

Good luck. I struggle at auctioneers. I use to buy tax liens and did good at it except for one county that used the professional auctioneer. They say jibberish to to confuse in my opinion. Bought a house that was burned out or it burned down within the year I had to wait. Worst investment to date. Crypto investments made up for it. :)


Great video sir...thanks for sharing sir


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Excellent video sir ...thanks for sharing sir

Sir very nice video ...intresting video .thanks for share

So obvious, that garbage house will be swing to the fortune house when the correct things like redesign is finished

Nice story...sir.thanks to @broncnutz for sharing.

Great video

Your video is so great your work us very well .Good job , i like it .

I recived your post resteem my blog .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @broncnutz

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one of the most greatest video sir......have a nice day...

yeah i agree
auction house is mightly needed

Awsome driving.............

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

i like this video amazing..

Excellent video you shared great to see auction is always fun to be in

great video and very well dear.

good to see the auction there excellent time you had there

Ross Auction House is amazing sir thanks a lot for sharing this video with us.

wonderful video. great work sir @broncnutz. thanks for sharing

i love the bidding process that's the ultimate experience

some gems to be find there and that's truly great to see

nice memories you have about that so good to see that :)

gold of a thing from the rough diamonds can be found there

thanks for sharing your thoughts

this is so exciting. I've never been to an auction house.. looks like a furniture store.. haha

good video. gives us an insight of the auction house..
its hot hot weather here in Singapore. see your next video soon.

The advantage of auctions for most individuals is to buy real estate, a car or any other valuable item at a lower price, especially if the budget is not large enough.

Great nice video post

yup..same here and estate sales!!! BTW see the data and info up on silver/gold..exciting re: commercials...thanks.

@broncnutz never been to an auction, but I've always been interested. One of my previous employers would always go to Roller Auction in (I believe) Commerce City to get computers and other stuff for the office. At some point I need to get down that way and check out Ross.