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Attrace Network is the first decentralized affiliate marketing network that is wholly operational on its own complete blockchain infrastructure. And according to the infographics above, they are coming in hot and armed with three distinct offerings with which to disrupt the Affiliate Marketing Industry, and in order to get a more complete import of these features, I'll be throwing in one striking Affiliate Marketing experience I had on a private network not long ago.
As can be seen from the infographic above, they came loaded with the following features:

  1. Owned Blockchain Technology which will enable them to scale and adequately respond to increased activities by users on its platform, without recourse to the adequacy or otherwise of third party chains.
    Furthermore, this same Blockchain infrastructure, which, in fact, is the fulcrum of their entire existence, functionality and offerings, will also help enshrine the concept of decentralization on the platform. Thereby making every single transaction and what nots on the network completely open to everyone and connect the Advertiser/campaign owner with the worker /plublisher in a sincere and mutually beneficial smart contract.

  2. Reduced cost of setting up and managing a campaign is now entrenched. With minimal platform fees and a whole lot of ease you can have your campaign running in minutes, churning out verifiable and measurable results on a global scale.
    Welcome to a whole new world of effectiveness in your marketing endeavors.

  3. Instant/On-The-Spot verification of tracked clicks and other relevant activities with the help of the Blockchain technology.
    With the exception of the thieving and dishonest Affiliate network middlemen (which is now totally eliminated by the aforementioned total transparency) , this is sure a huge plus for everyone involved in this niche, especially the bloggers and the advertisers. Because dishonesty and other sharp practices that hurt the other party is near totally eliminated.
    Let me relate my own rather unpalatable experience I had with a certain private, company-dedicated Affiliate arrangement.
    They wanted website sign-ups and hammered out a PPA structure accordingly. So, I built out my pre-sale funnel to my prospects in such a way that I can get feed back on the number of actual signups, different from casual link explorer visitors to the website. This. I did by simply promising to give those who actually joins the site through my sales funnel another rewarding opportunity.
    Now, guess what happened.
    After about 48hrs I had over 40 respondents requesting for the gift I promised. They submitted their sign up usernames to me as proof.
    But shockingly I had zero sign-ups in my back office with a the site. To put this in proper perspective, let me state that the sign up form required Names, Email and Telephone numbers. And you know, for a make-money-online opportunity, prospects are understandably reluctant with those combination of requirements. If not I would have had over 500
    from the over 1000 clicks reported by my tracking App.
    First thing I did when I saw the figure in my backoffice was to pull my funnels. To avoid further damage. After which I wrote the Affiliate support email provided by the site, stating that I directed 9 if my friends to sign up and they did. "Here are their usernames".
    I already anticipated what their response would be, so, I offered only 9 at first. I got a reply the following day denying knowledge of any sign up from my affiliate link. And in fact, I should make sure I desist from spamming my links as that is against their best practices and TOS. Next thing I did, since he'd want to be hollier-than-thou here, was detail my entire process to him, complete with sales pages and screenshots of email responses from my prospects. Letting him know that I will write all of them never to pay a dime for whatever you're offering them if my issue is not resolved within 24hrs! Lol. That struck a troubling cord with them. And within 30mins a certain 'Yours sincerely, Steve', wrote back.
    He's the VP of Marketing and he's been away on a business trip to Ohio. He'll look at my complaint right away and get back to me ASAP. 'yours Sincerely, Steve '.
    I already sent a mail to pacify my subscribers and warn them off the site. So, I was listening to any idiot 'Yours Sincerely, Steve's.
    You see? This is why I'm all game for Attrace, if we Affiliate marketers, can find a platform that puts all the 'Yours Sincerely, Steves, where they belong, which is out of our way, we'll happily embrace such a platform.

Attrace Network will commence the pre-sale of their $ATTR tokens on the 1st if August 2018.
And hold public sales from 1st of September to 31st of October 2018.
If you want to contribute during these events (and you are not resident in China or USA), you can go on and register now for the mandatory KYC verifications.

To learn more about Attrace please see their white paper

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