Birthcontrol, Italian Style = Procreate or die!

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Ok, this is about: italian national healthcare, me being upset with the bad habit of imposing cultural or religious believes on other people and gynos.

This post may be offensive for some of you and gross for others and if you think you may feel irritated by those topics, please stop reading.

I can't keep myself from writing, because writing is therapeutic to me, there aren't many places where I can freely write about this and the whole situation is so bizarre and mind-blowing that I think it's worth to share it.

Also, I'm sure the whole world is already laughing and this nation super hard and I'm aware that non-locals only see the surface of our culture, so I'm going to show you an unpleasant insight.

Shall our journey to the Middle Ages begin!



I've never had the so called maternal instinct .
I also believe that the outrageous overpopulation of humans wasting the planet resources is slowly killing the earth, so last month I had the insanely bad idea to get an IUD.

The doctor told me it was supersafe, not painful at all, that it has no side effects.
Then he spoke the magic words: "It's just a pinch".


Now, If I were a smart person I would have run away at that point, instead I had the procedure done.

It followed a week of blinding pain despite the huge amount of painkillers I used to choke down, then it got a little better for a few days.
Later on, 10 days ago, I suddendly started to feel very bad: horrible cramping like having knives stubbed in my belly, a lot of blood, temperature from time to time, fatigue and nausea.

I texted my gyno and he called me back late at night from the bar and made an appointment for sunday insisting that I woulg go alone.
There were a bunch of other little things prior to this one that made me feel uncomfortable with him, so I decided to look for another doctor.



It was a bit of a trauma, actually, so I went to the second guy with my mother.
He seemed professional, he examined me and said there's something worrying with my uterus and gave me a long list of other exams to do in rush.

I did the blood test and then the medical lab closed for holidays without sending me the results before.
The doctor went on holiday as well and I was still feeling very bad and worried, so I opted for the last resort: the national healthcare.

The staff of the hospital closeby was very welcoming and kind at first, until they found out about my IUD and told me: "You're not pregnant, we're not allowed to cure you. Please look for a doctor"

...Another one?



So I went to another hospital today. The doc did a quick ultrasound and he clearly told me it may be an infection and that I urgently need a blood test and further medical examination, but as a catholic hospital they're not allowed to treat people with IUDs and sent me back.

This guy even laughed and said: "You should pay 70 euros for those informations, but let's say it's free of charge for you"



In Italy about 80% of the doctors are conscientious objectors and most of them are on holiday at the moment, so hopefully those won't be my lasts words.

But if they are, remember: Italy is a shitplace.

I've always been firmly convinced that personal and religius believes must be respected, and I always used to put it super polite in discussing certain topics with people that may feel hurt from my speech, BUT I'm slowly realizing that, as an atheist in a catholic country, my life is and always will be hard because the same people do not respect my personal believes.

I swear I do respect your gods, but your gods are trying to kill me right now, so how can I prevent myself from being upset?

I could go on for ages, but I'm going to end this post here because I don't really want to risk to hurt the good people among the christians, because I do know (even if I'm writing this post out of grudge) there is good people and bad people everywhere.

Bear with me, I feel stunned.

Wish you a good night,

Creepy turtle


Wow, that was incredibly candid not to mention informative. I absolutely loved your use of photos throughout your post to punctuate your thoughts.

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Health matters should be free of all religious prejudices! Thanks for this respectfully delivered personal thoughts - @mirrors

Wow - that's an horrific experience!
I don't happen to agree with IUD for various reasons, but that doesn't mean that I condemn you - or would refuse to assist you because you made that choice!

I'm also very aware that Italy has a very low birth rate, but again, that doesn't mean that the government has the right to enforce its beliefs on individuals. There are other ways of achieving goals than to treat citizens in this terrible way.

Thanks for sharing.

Absolutely. That means helping people when you can. (To do nothing is to harm them.)

Now that I have it I can say I don't like it as well :) but I would never force other people to do as I say.
It's legal anyway, here you even have to pay a lot of money for it, so I can't understand what's wrong with them :/

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Oh my. Doctors are supposed to help. Period. That is a horrible saga. The pictures, particularly the second one, are great.

BTW--I found this through Asapers. Glad I did.

Thank you for reading, agmoore, and for the emotional support :)

You're welcome. Hope things go well from this point...

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