"Abandoned Cage" in Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest - No. 19

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Hello workers, hello fellow steemians all the world.
How are you today?

This is my entry for Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest - No.19 - in 'Black & White!' photo colour. The contest is from @customnature

So here we go, this is my photo :

aa asw.JPG

Details :

Taken by@mirfaner
Camera ModelCanon EOS 600D
Lens CanonEF-S 18-135 mm
Exposure Time1/125 sec
ISO speedISO - 400
Focal lenght57 mm
BW Photo EditorAdobe Photoshop CS 6
LocationLhokseumawe City Reservoir

This is a former cage building built by locals to confine their pets, but now this building is not in use anymore since the local community already has a new building for their pets, which they build around their home

Why I use the reservoir in our country as a place for my photos locations fellas, because in the reservoir we have a lot of unique thing, from beautiful sunset, cafe, traditional fruit market, and so much more. The reservoir in our city is sometimes be a favorite place for photograph from our city and another country or city as place to take some object in there.

Original content and photo by me, @mirfaner

Please upvote this post if you like my photo, resteem it to share with your friends, and comment below if you have somethings to say or to ask about my photo or my content.

So that is from me, interest to join this contest?
Here is the contest post link : https://steemit.com/aswcontest/@customnature/new-theme-abandoned-shit-weekly-contest-19-black-and-white-aswcontest

Follow @customnature for more awesome photo idea and amazing photo contest every weeks.

Let's Being Better Together Fellas


My Best Regards, @mirfaner

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