Entry for the #aswcontest (Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest), hosted by @customnature.

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Here is my entry for the #aswcontest (Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest), hosted by @customnature.
This weeks theme, Vehicles.

Around here there are plenty of amazing quad trails to explore now if you go down this trail, Old car trail, guess what you're going to find?!?! ;)

Do you see it yet?
coming up to the vehicle you can see the shiny bumper through the spruce tree.

Can you see it now??

I am not sure of any history on it, like how it got there or how long it's actually been back there. I would assume it has been there for lots of years.

I don't have a positive identification on this car, year, make or model but I am sure back in its day it was a pretty sharp looking car.



That's so cool @leemlaframboise, you really hooked me up trying to identify that car!
After many investigations on the small details I believe this is a 1949 Ford Custom. What gave it away were the rear tail lights, the white wheel, the trunk hood ringes and other minor stuff.

You can check this brand new here hahahaa

What I ask myself when I see such beautiful cars abandoned is how they ended up over there.

Cool! The one I featured appears to be a 2door but this could absolutely be the make and year of that car!
I often wonder why, when and how they ended up there too. It is about 1km off of the main road, about 3/4km down an old road and then maybe another 3/4km down the quad trail.

Sure could be 2 doors too. Yeah, isn't it crazy to think that one day someone drove that car for the last time? And so it sat there for ever.

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its beautiful vehicle photography with mixed nature......great photo shot i think.

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