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in aswcontest •  10 months ago  (edited)

Hello everyone! Long time no see, I missed you :D

I've gotten lots of rest (took a break from work as well). My sleeping time still needs fixing, but I'm getting there. It has been a nice week, I really needed the break :) I don't have any art to show, but hopefully soon!

This is my entry for the contest by @customnature ^^

It's an interesting graffiti I found in an underpass. Sadly I was on rollerblades and the lighting was terrible so all of the photos turned out sort of bad. I fixed the cover image, you can see the unedited version below.

I removed some shaking, added more sharpness and adjusted the hues. Also I removed some saturation from the yellow back wall.

All of the photos in this post were taken by me, copyright @kristyglas.

Do you prefer the edited or the original photo?

A little creepy, but it's nice that it's lighted even during the day :D

I like this one a lot, as it looks like a secret tunnel or an entrance to a maze..

This one looked a lot cooler in real life, as the colors didn't clash this much. And it was impossible to take the whole graffiti in one photo, as it was too long.

When I saw the graffiti theme I actually first thought of a popular long wall with graffities that I have lots of photos of, but this place felt much more abandoned (and a little creepier).

You can see the cover image on the left wall in perspective ^^ I really liked the blue and purple and the ?ghosts? are so adorable :D So many different variations.

I enjoy creative and colorful graffities a lot, but I'm very much against pointless vandalism like in the following photo. Personally I've never tried doing a graffiti, as I prefer paper and canvas.

Have you ever done a graffiti? :)

Thank you for checking out! ^-^

Which photo do you prefer?

I have several more of the same area if anyone would like to see :)

100% Power up!

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : http://www.kristyglas.com/2018/11/09/abandoned-st-entry-graffiti/

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It's a great presentation job for the contest! I wish you luck to win they look very good your designs quite successful to real images :)

Thanks :)

Nice entry for the contest.
I prefer the one with the mushrooms. Interesting drawings. I am not a big fan of all the tagging but artists need to start somewhere. Right?

Thank you ^^ Yeah mushroom one looked great! Sadly I didn't capture it well :D
I kind of doubt that those who draw better graffiti had to start with just ugly name tags or weird references, or worse "club" tags :P haha

Eheheh. Who knows!? They need to start by doing something...

Too early in the morning for me to decide whether I like edited or unedited versions of photos better, they all look good to me XD

I'm not finding those tunnels creepy at all from the photos, guess you had to be there?

then again I'm slightly defective as I find a lot less things creepy/intimidating/disturbing than other people it seems

Looks like an interesting walk/skate! I like graffitti but not really a fan of tagging.

Thanks :D Haha, well I haven't seen many places like that around here. However, it wasn't really creepy, just creepier than usual I guess ^^
It was fun exploring!

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