Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest - №.25 - 'Graffiti.' !!

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When i heard about this new theme Graffiti i got all excited because i had heard about "The Bangkok Graffiti Boys" in Bangkok they have been doing a lot of graffiti work along the Bangkok Canal trying to give all the abandon houses a bit of a make over so they can look more artistic and an bit more attraction for the tourist.






This Bangkok Canal runs through the city center of Bangkok city for quite a few kilometers and is used by the Bangkok people commuting to and from work along the canal but is also has tour boats going up and down the canal for the tourist with a tour guide on board explaning the main attractions and it's history and has become quite popular tour for the tourist.






I consider myself more of a local been living in Thailand for a few years so i made my way down to the Bangkok canal jumped on the local boats cheap as and toured along the canal looking for the best abandoned house with the most colorful and artistic graffiti on it and this one was my choice and there are a few on this canal.



I love this scary crazy looking clown.



All the above photos i took from across the other side of the canal but i was curious to see if there was a entrance to get inside this house or into the backyard so i crossed over the overhead bridge and made my way over to the house and did find you could enter the house from this play ground beside the house so here i go follow me in and lets go visit the ghosts.






Just hope there are no Python snakes living here looks pretty eerie well i got my bottle of red wine with me just in case a unexpected ghost jumps out at me.




I tell you what these "The Bangkok Graffiti Boys" didn't miss much not only all the outside of the have has been graffitied even the garage and parts of the inside of the house.




Well that was a bit to eerie i didn't get jumped by any ghosts or python snakes thank god i am out of here.





Category : #aswcontest

Camera : Sony TX10

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That is absolutely amazing 😃 I love street art and grafitty and this kind of a new level.
Such amazing colours and really stands out.
I understand that you wanted to capture that.. I'm just.... Wow 😉👍 Loved this soo much!
Thank you for sharing this my friend. Made my day. Cheers! 🤗💕🌹

Thank you my friend you are welcome and i agree with you i have always loved grafitty work as long as it's got some stlye and class about it and this Bangkok canal that runs for miles has certainly got a good share of grafitty i am looking forward to going back along this canal to photograph some more of this stunning work :)

Great find, my friend. It looks like you will win again. 👍

Thank you my friend and i did have my bottle of red wine when i enter this ghost house :)

And did you see any ghosts? Or the bottle is still intacte? 😂

I do think i was to early for the ghosts to be awake good for me because i got to drink the bottle of wine all to myself....hehe :)

You drank a bottle of red wine and you didn't see any ghost? Weird... Are you sure you had wine and not syrup? 😂

Haha...no i took it with me just in case i saw a ghost then we could drink it together but no ghost so i am having a big glass of red wine now as we speak...Cheers :)


Very nicely captured!! Amazing grafitti in the old house!
I wonder why people left the place in such a state! It’s used to be a nice house!

Thank you my friend there is certainly some good grafitti work along that canal. It does amaze me how people leave such a big home in a good location i suppose we will never know but certainly very strange :)

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