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in astronomy •  last month

Had an early morning start a few weeks back and managed to snap Venus and Jupiter either side of the Moon.

Photo was taken on a iPhone 7 and I was alerted to the event by one of the free Star Gazing Apps which I would thoroughly recommend if you have any interest in Astronomy at all. You get notifications of upcoming events and a Star map which shows you exactly where in the sky to look, no longer is there a need for charts or maps of the sky or the need for a compass.

If you have an Interest in Astronomy I recommend the following book which is published by Collins from the Royal Observatory Greenwich. The book gives a good guide to all there is to getting into Astronomy and observing the night sky.

Collins Stargazing: Beginners guide to astronomy (Royal Observatory Greenwich)

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Brilliant and magnificent photo my Friend! :) Thank you VERY much for sharing, your out of this world generosity and all that you do for the GREAT STEEMIT COMMUNITY! :) Thanks also for bringing to my attention free Star Gazing Apps and the book. :) The stars always got my attention when I was younger, to this day. The universe is such a magical and mysterious place. I absolutely love sitting on the front porch and gazing up at the stars and making some wishes. ALWAYS wishing everyone the VERY best of health, happiness and luck. :) Your VERY grateful and devoted Friend @extraterrestrial :)


Your steem username backs up your comments!


Thank you so VERY much my Friend for everything! :) Such a HUGE honor from you to say regarding me. :) I am trying my Earthly best LOL! :) I hope that you have out of this world luck my Friend! :) The best of the best that this world has to offer! :) Have an AWESOME well deserved weekend and upcoming week Buddy! :) Your VERY grateful and devoted Friend @extraterrestrial :)))))

I wonder if we can get the app on Android. My 9 yo loves astronomy, much like his father.

Thanks for the book recommendation, will check it out we do get him tons of astronomy books, but mostly gearing for little kids.

Lucky shot for early bird, nice one. I dont think ive ever seen lined up planets before...unless from books or movies 👍👍👍👍


Absolutely should be able to get the Apps on Android, annoyingly a lot of them though free have ads which can get annoying, which was why I didn't name any but they are really good tool for Astronomy. I was about your son's age when I got started its a great hobby but having to go out in cold nights is definitely a problem.


yes so true!

when my oldest was 3 if not 4 (his baby brother was barely 1 year old), we often drove out of town closer to midnight just to try to catch aurora borealis. cold in the car for sure, even with heater on haha

we have 2 humble telescopes that we use often. the boys (5 and 9 years old), love using them to see the sky and whatnot :) we live downtown now, can hardly see the sky. too many lights.

Amazing Photography !!! Thanks for sharing !

Amazing the photo you showed us @stimp1024, I had never seen anything like that.

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