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Venus has met Neptune in their annual conjunction.
It was intensified this time because Mercury is part of the mix
and he has been retrograde there for a while recently.

This is how it looked to an Astrologer.

The theme of this pattern

Learning to love -- better and differently.


Who are the players
and what are they doing?

Venus = how you work with pleasure / things you enjoy / things and people you love; how you work with things of value -- such as people in your relationships, things that comprise your material support ... such as money and possessions; how you express your values -- what you consider important in life, the things that feed your spirit and sense of harmony

Neptune = spirituality, dreams, illusions, inspiration and creativity, imagination and artistic vision, your deepest experiences with compassion and empathy, your connection to The Divine Source ---> (Note that many consider Neptune to be the higher octave, the higher expression of Venus energy -- Venus refined to its most spiritual essence. I'd agree with that. It's easy to see why.)

Conjunctions = mix the two energies involved in ways that make them inseparable. You can't consider the behavior and interests of one without also including the other. (It's like mixing red and yellow together to produce orange. You then have a "both / and" situation. There are different shades of orange. Some are more red; some are more yellow. But you have to work with the fact that both energies are present -- and undeniable.)


What's happening?

I wrote not long ago that one of the significant benefits that will come from this long "down-time" we recently had with so much Pisces / Neptune energy woven through all our time and experience will be the rise (of everyone!) to a new and more spiritual perspective. We're still working with the last remnants of this -- and we need a little more perspective (time and distance) to fully appreciate it.

But you have learned to think differently about virtually everything. You have learned to feel more depth and understanding when working with life. You have learned to "see the story behind the story and read between the lines" when it comes to what you perceive, the opinions you form and what you consider "the truth of the matter." There is always more to it than what's on the surface.

I also wrote that you (and all of us) are learning how to love differently. This Venus / Neptune conjunction is this indicator. We are learning to understand our human connection more completely -- and understand the healing power of love and kindness.


You are also learning to see money -- possessions, income, generosity, etc. -- differently ... and use it differently as a result. You are redefining what constitutes pleasure and value. It marks a significant "rise in vibration" -- and in time you will see how it has changed you ... your behavior and your choices.

More subtle perhaps will be how it has changed your tastes in art, reading, music and style. It all fits together, of course, but that one may not be as obvious -- if you don't look for it. You have become a more refined and spiritual person. You will love differently -- and better. You will spend money differently -- and more generously to support things you consider important.

You will entertain and educate yourself differently -- and with more awareness. And most of all, you will engage with life -- and those things and beings who comprise it -- with more reverence and a greater sense of connection. To state that you have become a new and improved version of who you were just a few months ago pretty much says it. The change will make a significant difference in the experience of life for everyone -- eventually ... starting now.

You may or may not remember this forecast in several weeks ... several months ... several years. But it will happen regardless. And TBH, that's sufficient. Keep loving. Keep living. Let it be.


What to expect?

  • Heightened imagination and deeper meaning in your creative expressions
  • More artistry, more sense of style -- connecting with your creative life more fully
  • A greater appreciation for all things of value -- for pleasure, for love, for beauty, for life itself
  • A more tolerant, inclusive, spiritual perspective -- and that will change you
  • Better ways to work with resources and assets, a different relationship with money and wealth
  • Better ways to handle your relationships -- and participate in them -- and work with your partners
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I love reading into astrological aspects. It always seems like the deeper into astrology I dive, the more I recognize it's reverberations throughout our historical world. I've definitely been feeling these recent aspects.

Anyone have any astrology books they'd recommend?

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