DoJ Wants More Charges on Assange, but Need Manning to Talk, and International Federation of Journalists Calls on UK to Stop Extradition

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Last Friday the Department of "Justice" filed a motion with the court in response to Chelsea Manning's motion about her punishment for not answering questions to the secret grand jury against Assange.


The filing states that Manning's testimony is:

"essential to an ongoing investigation into charges or targets that are not included in the superseding indictment [against Assange]."

The motion also expects American citizens to testify for the government as a "basic obligation:

"...a basic obligation that every citizen owes [her] Government." United States v. Calandra
, 414 U.S. 338, 345 (1974)

They sure put on their authoritarian propaganda strong there. You have to testify if the government as you, because you "legally" obliged it seems. Even if the government stooges are out of control and persecuting someone who has done more good that them, and has exposed the lies that they are attached to keeping secret.

They also reiterated again the dominator phrase that "Manning holds the keys to the jailhouse door and “has it in [her] power to avoid any penalty." The government is doing nothing wrong, see. It's just Manning standing up for some evil guy when she should be bowing to the state and answering their every question. No right to remain silent...

Meanwhile, Manning is being extorted $500 in fees to the government for her refusal to speak. In a month that will jump to $1,000 per day. This again shows that the "justice" system if largely about money. As if prison isn't enough, you have to applies steal money from someone who doesn't want to talk to you. Bravo government stooged, you know how to be decent humans. They really know the difference between right and wrong...

Meanwhile, other people can, and have a clue about how to judge what happens in the world. Like the International Federation of Journalists. They have passed a motion which included asking the UK and Australian governments "to resist the application to extradite Assange to the United States".


the ITJ also called to cessation of economic sanction on Syrian media, threats to press freedom in France, and the safety of journalists in the Philipines. They also mention the dangers of the raids by Australian Federal Police on the home of a journalist and the offices of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

IFJ Congress condemns the recent raids by Australian Federal Police on the home of a journalist and the offices of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. These raids are a grave assault on media freedom and the democratic right of citizens to be informed about the activities of their government.

We note with concern the recent passage of legislation through the Australian Parliament which seeks to restrict public interest reporting, criminalise the work of investigative journalists and punish whistleblowers who bring important information forward in the public interest.

Australia holds itself out as a bastion of media freedom, but these recent events seriously challenge that view and send a dangerous message to the world.We call on the Australian Parliament to take urgent action to legislate for the protection of journalists and their confidential sources, and to end its system of mass data surveillance.

Democracy dies in darkness. It is vital that an appropriate balance be maintained between national security and the protection of free and fearless reporting in the public interest.

Times are insane. It seems we're going backwards from freedom, not forwards. We're seeing the degeneration and destruction of freedom as states increase their power over us.

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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If they manage to get Assange to the USA to stand trial, he is finished. The only chance he has if he gets Presidential pardon from Trump, or whoever is elected next.

Real journalism is finished in the West if Assange is allowed to be killed by the USA Deep State.

MAGA, Donald.


He is an ally in that cause, Mr. President.

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