Ask Steemit: If you could trade places with anyone alive for one day, who would it be and why? - 10 SBD for the best answer and announcing the winner from the previous week

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Announcing the winner of 10 SBD from the previous week

The question from the previous week was What is the best piece of advice you've ever gotten? You can read the full post here

The winner was @siersod who responded with the following:

“Never lie, steal, cheat, or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away from bad company. If you must cheat, cheat death. And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away”

The question for the Steemit community today is: If you could trade places with anyone alive for one day, who would it be and why?


Please include your answers in the comments below. I will be awarding 10 SBD to the best response.

To qualify, you must upvote and resteem this post.

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Knowing that I like who I am and don't really think about who I would like to switch places with. With that being said I think a good person would be Bill Gates. Having a very big net worth and a very successful computer company I think I would love to go and see and play with computer prototypes and learn the inner workings of the factories.

hey there -- i am now following and found you on team australia - i upvoted and i would like to be prime minister to fix the bloody mess they have us in -- good on you mate - D


Haha. Thanks mate. :)

I would trade places with J.K Rowling so I can experience what it is like to be the world's best selling book series author. I want to know what other ideas she has for future books!

This was a cool yet hard question to answer.. I would have to say, that I won't think outside of Steemit on this. I'll go with this question:

If you could trade places with anyone on steemit for one day, who would it be and why?

My answer would be @ned, or someone with as much SP as him. Not because I could transfer his SP or anything like that and make a profit myself.. But I'd use his account to upvote all my fellow Steemians as much as possible, in a way to "pay it forward".

I'm a firm believer in "paying it forward" and I do several things to help my readers. I try to motivate them, encourage them and inspire them by giving away SBD, interact with them as much as possible and by voting on their content. However, as I'm just a small fish in a big ocean, my votes aren't worth that much.. So if I could, then I would reward every single one of them using a whales power.

Thank you for the question! :)


Thanks for your answer. Yes, I'd love to be @ned or @freedom for one day too to do exactly what you have suggested.


Yeah, that would've been awesome. I know I'm already doing a difference, and I know that the ones I help appreciates it.. But just imagine the feeling of making huge things instead of a few cents here and there. That would've been incredible.


Exactly. :)

This is a hard one! I am young, in my 20s and I really enjoy my life, as every young person should do. I can't and don't want to trade it with some rich or famous person, it would be not worthing at least for me. Don't need it.
I guess I would trade my place with an old man who knows that its time has gone and is about to leave this material place. Who passed through life already and I would love to see what's in his head looking at the new generations. I would make treasure from all his thinkings, the moments he regretted and chances he maybe never took. It would finally make me understand that our time is limited and we have to live it fully. That I am still able to do things that from his perspective are now impossible and he would probably give everything to have the chance to go back and be where I am.
Surely I would appreciate every moment way more than I am actually doing.

I would trade places with my wife. That way I could better understand her needs, what it's like to walk in her shoes as a busy mum for a day. Then I could respond to her needs and become a better husband and father therefore strengthening our bond and relationship and keeping her as happy as she deserves to be. Thanks

I would like to trade place with someone who is homeless and hungry. In this way, I will truly understand how they feel and think. Which will make me more compassionate and understanding for people like them. And once I come back to my usual life I will feel truly blessed and appreciate even the little things that I have.

What a fun question!
I think I would trade places with one of my sons in bootcamp just for the one day experience...and hope I don't die from a heart attack. lol


Lol! @merej99 this is hilarious!

I want to become the leader of north Korea so i can give those people freedom. I will introduce them to steeemit also so they can express their selves he-he-he.

Ross Ulbricht.
He could hug his mum Lyn again, and drink a cold beer with the warm sun on his shoulders.


That's next-level ,, that they trade places with you as well

I would like to trade place whit richest person in Rothchild family, so i could donate most of that money to people who are hungry and make world a better place.

Probably, I would choose the Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, and stopped this dictatorial regime, which has been going on for 23 years)

I'd probably do it with my mom, to understand what an a-hole I am at times!

I would trade places with you 😄 Let's trade places when it's time to pick the winner of the contest😄


Deal. How about I let you pick the winner this time? Deal? :)


While others are only wishing to trade places with somebody, l get my wish to come true! Deal! 😄😄😄


Hehe yep. Cool, Ok I'll contact you in a few days time to get your decision on the winner. :)


Hi @God-is-love, time for you to choose the winner. ;) Do you want to have a look through the comments and let me know who you want to award the 10 SBD to? Thanks


Hi! I liked the comment from @dailygiveaway. I'd love to see Trump preach the Gospel to the whole world! 😁


Ok, Thanks for your decision. I will announce it in my next post.


Thank you for your contests! There are many good comments ! I had fun reading them and trading places with you!

If I could trade places with anyone alive today for one day I would trade it with the poorest and loneliest person in the world. That way, I could learn how to be more thankful each day and learn to enjoy and care a bit more for all the things and people I have and all the things and people I have lost. Regards!

I've just turned 50, I've had an awesome life of love and travel and since I arrived here at Steemit a month ago I found the only thing missing from my life.
The opportunity to reach out anywhere, anytime, to anyone who's listening to talk about anything in anonymity. So liberating.
Sounds trite but it's true.
So yes, I wouldn't change places with anyone it wouldn't make me any happier than I am right now.
Upvoted and resteemed.

I would trade my place with Ali Khamenei, the most powerful figure in Islamic Republic of IRAN. The country I was born in. Why? To bring freedom of religion in IRAN and let the Christian missionaries breathe! :]


Yes we definitely need to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in some of these countries. As you know, being a Christian in these countries often leads to martyrdom.

My 3 year old son who I don't get to see. Just so I know he is safe and sound.

The person I would trade places is with a man by the name of Walter Payton... He was a HOF NFL football player. I wouldn't trade places with him so I could play NFL football... I would want to trade places because of what he did for those off the field.

There is no statue of him in Chicago say like Michael Jordan but his name is held in reverance. The lives he touched were countless and I wrote a story on how he changed mine...

Walter Payton was diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis, a condition of the liver in which the bile ducts are blocked. In the early part of 1999 he told the public about his condition and stated that, "he would refuse to use his celebrity to gain a preferential position for organ donation." He died on November 1st of that same year.

That's the type of individual he was... and I would have gladly changed places with him and died in his place. He did more for humanity and the people of Chicago than has ever been written.

I would trade my place with Donald Trump and use his power/influence to preach the Gospel to the whole world! :)


Thanks for your answer. That would be interesting, not necessarily a good thing though. We've all seen what happened last time this sort of thing happened with Constantine and the Roman world. I think organic growth is much more effective for true discipleship, like what the early disciples did. God uses us in our daily interactions. I like this resource Regardless, you have great intensions and it's wonderful to see. Bless you mate and keep up the great work with sharing the love of Jesus where you are at. :)


I would never wanna force anything on anyone! God doesn't and neither do I! New birth has to be based on a free decision which is the very reason why God is being patient because many need to learn from their mistakes and pay heavy prices before they make that free decision! Having said that, there are also many who have never heard the Gospel because of the censorship in the world but I see what you mean. :)


Yes agreed. Good point. Many haven't heard the gospel, especially in many Islamic countries and countries like North Korea. I hope Steemit will one day be a vehicle for people who have never heard to have the opportunity to hear about God's amazing love. :)


Amen! That is my hope too and the main reason I'm here! :)

@nextgen622, this is a hard one.

I'll trade space with! Hmmmmmmm!!! Scratching my head!! Can't remember anyone!!!

I've never thought about this before, because I don't envy anybody. I appreciate people, but never wish to be them. I want to be me! Absolutely, the best version of me!!

That's easy. I'd want to be Donald J. Trump for a day. I'd call the mother of all press conferences and spill the beans about what's going on in the USA. What's working, what's not. Who is taking from the country more than giving. I'd give up political correctness for truth bombs. I won't leave no stone unturned. All thats hidden will come to light. (Even Area 51).

I'd give my sources, I'll show what I learned about the behind the scenes machinations that make politics a vexation rather than a service , a bane rather than a boon. I'd turn Washington up on it's ear with plain truth, no BS.

The last thing I would do is ask everyone, help me fix our country. Every step of the way I'd open up the White House to suggestions., and assign a committee to work on them.

And before the day is done, I'd go sit with Melania and have a perfect slice of chocolate cake. I'd hug her and tell her I loved her, and go take a well deserved sleep.

Thanks Bro! I'm glad you liked my comment


You're welcome. It was a great comment.

I would change places for a day with my daughter. She is expecting, and is 6 months presently. I am a grandmother, and realize now how much you miss the feeling of a new life growing inside yourself. To feel my grandchild from the inside out for one day would be an amazing experience!

I'd trade places with roger ver. To enjoy the fruits of being an early adopter of btc and use the earning to bring back to the community, help other people improve their lives.

I was thinking about choosing someone incredible or with great power ...

And that's exactly who I am going to choose!

I choose pope Francis! And when I take his place I will send all the files regarding church corruption and child abuse to INTERPOL and then pray for all the souls of the people that have died needlessly in dictatorships.
And finally grab all the evidence (if I have in my power) of all the bad things done by church affiliated sites and send it to INTERPOL as well.

" Evil is evil, lesser , greater, middle, makes no difference, If I am to choose between one evil and another one I'd rather not choose at all"

I will switch place with D. Trump and send all the Veterans back home. Is useless fighting when you don't know why you fighting.

I genuinely wouldn't want to. I'm 1000% happy to be me, I'm smart, good looking, young and know where I'm going in life. It's actually pretty sad to want to trade places with someone else!

Bill Gates, because I would make sure some of his money went in to my account.

I would trade with a women who I know before, cause with know each other could help us to nice interaction and communicate. I would make sure she should friendly friend. and not emotional in trading, not emotional it is very important thing in trade. Thank you

I would like to trade place with Elon Musk!
Because it would be awesome to live as revolutionary leader, visionary billionaire and future God of planet Mars :D

I'd pick Da Vinci, so I'd have a chance to find out why a "key student" painted a better Mona Lisa.

From wiki: "...based on analysis obtained after the picture underwent extensive restoration, that the painting is probably by Salaì (1480-1524) or by Melzi (1493-1572)."




But but but... the post says: "anyone alive". Da vinci is not alive :c
Unless that...


OK, you got me, this is all I got:
Da Vinci Star Trek.jpg

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I would like to trade place for one day to someone like billgates or someone a rich man to convience their collegue or friends like then to share their wealth or money to the poor like in africa. Sometime we can see their condition in africa in the news or in any kind of social media.

Some high ranking official in the NSA, so I can leak those files through Wikileaks, then escape to Russia and receive a huge following on Twitter. This would give me the power of great influence, which would allow me to earn a fortune from Amazon referral codes and Minergate affiliate links which would be in the bio of that same Twitter account. All of this, while living in Moscow (that never sleeps). In a few years I would find a wife, give life to a few children. I would also, probably donate my kidney anonymously, because that's a great thing to do.

Basically, the great thing is that I would've done the world a favor by exposing another government lie or even lies (!), this would destabilize the world-wide governments even further, which would open doors to libertarianism, or even some anarcho-capitalism.

(1) All of the money earned from public appearances after the Wikileaks release would be spent on hookers and cocaine.

(2) After I move to Russia, I would start a DApp Startup and make a lot of ICO moneyz. All thanks to the following I would've gained.

(3) Free time would still be devoted to browsing Steem, Golos and 8chan.

(4) I would be cryonically preserved after my death.

That's about it, my plan...

*(5) Run for president of Russian Federation after Vladik Putin dies.

I love the way you can skip small talk with serious questions!
My answer is Elon Must. First reason is I would get the whole 24 hours wide awake. Who can sleep while thinking about sending Humans to Mars?
Second reason is to have the understanding of what a big brain feels like. My wife says I am still a cave man defiantly not a rocket scientist.
Third reason I personally love solving problems. But Elon he is attacking all the really big ones at the same time. Fourth reason Maybe on the 25th hour I would be able to retain some of that power and skip a few generations of evolution for my kids.

I would like to target with you bro!)

Jimmy Buffett - obviously

Any of the great masters to understand the impact of my art

I would trade places with... the greatest Hacker Alive.... who that is? Nobody knows... but the amount of power in that person's hands is indescribable

I think I would like to switch places with Cab Calloway for a day. Not only to experience what it was like to perform on stage, but to experience the 1930s as a black singer in America.