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It takes time to produce content. Even more time to produce quality content. The thought process behind each written word, the typing, even the spell check, all of this has value. People want to feel #engaged by the words that we have typed. We read so much crap on the web that when something significant and interesting appears in front of us, we can't help reading it.

Active Reading

That's something I want to emphasize on. As much as I like you all, I know you guys don't always read thoroughly. And I can't blame you for it since I've been caught doing it myself. And that's okay, we all have our reasons; fatigue, boredom or a stressful life. But the next time you read something here, try to put the content before the upvote and think about what you could say to #improve the author's content.


You might actually enjoy it so much it could become a new way of reading. If only 1 out of 10 of my followers commented on my posts, it would make 💯 comments for me to read. Would you imagine that? That is how steemit I imagined would be since I joined in September. But no. Call it good, call it whatever, this is not the reality. We are all #alone.


I'll ask you this one thing

Why do you think people don't collaborate more in here? Is there anything we can do?

Julie xx

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It's a great question really. It seems like socializing in this kind of format has different layers. Anytime money is involved (in whatever form holding value) it becomes more difficult to trust sincerity.

A lot of us can see through bs most of the time here... but many are schmoozing to get a vote or socializing to get some attention. Finding a balance between having a rewarding discussion and getting rewards for a discussion can be difficult for those coming with only money on their minds.

I do believe there is a pretty big learning curve too. I know that I understand much more now and feel more confident to chime in here and there... more than I did back then anyway. For me, I hate texting to communicate. I prefer verbal communication... so in many instances, I tell myself I will come back to respond and never make it. Then I feel guilty and beat myself up. So, I read a lot of stuff... but don't always choose to engage.

I know that sometimes I feel like chiming in on some threads seems like butting into a discussion that I wasn't invited to. As you can see... I overthink everything, so maybe that is sometimes the case as well.

Most of the time... for the money users though... i think whatever gets the most money and support with the least amount of work or effort is the M.O. I doubt you would want to engage deeply with most of them anyways. I will end my rant there... but this post did hit a nerve that I could relate to in different ways... and I did read it all and wanted to let you know!

We aren't all #alone ALL THE TIME!
Just MOST of it! hahhaha

Keep On Steemin On My Friend!


Thanks for taking the time to post such a big comment. I did read it also.
Soon the"good post" comments will be a thing of the past.

Maybe it worked at first and people would actually upvote that type of thing, but it's gonna get difficult for them when the vote turn to flag.

Then people with a brain and actual ideas might come forward.


I agree. I feel bad for the new non english speakers who are meaning well though when they say that. I don't upvote those very often either way because usually, it's spam city!

I also think that the way things show up in the feed is a little out of touch and impacts participation. I miss most of the best posts to engage with because I may not be on when a good one floats across my feed.

Thanks for reading my long comment! hahaha Maybe brains will be the wave of the future?! Or maybe it's just wishful thinking....


One way to get the good posts is to clean up the users you follow regularly. I still follow too much and may change that soon enough.

It sure is frustrating. But for now we seem to be alone. It gets worse when the price of steem is lower. But that is when I double down and post more. I tend to find more supporters and collaborators during these down times.


Thanks for replying! :) Yes Steem is down but so is all cryptos, and I don't think it's the end.


Only the beginning. But I always guess wrong when I purchase my steem and end up losing big time lol


You never lose. Don't forget you still have those Steem.

I’ve collaborated on stuff in the past and do make suggestions for posts some times, but it happens off-chain.

Anyway, we’re not really alone - just together at different times. I check in on people every now and then when I haven’t seen them in a while.

People do not collaborate because the only worry they have is "Why am I not earning more?"

The UI on Steemit is somewhat uncomfortable which makes this less pleasure to use for newbies and the only joy they get out from this is the payouts.


Kinda sad ain't it? I mean the UI is not that much worse than say Reddit and there thousands of people comment. I think it's doable!


Well that's a very good point. Even sites like 4chan are crap to use but people are still doing it actively.

" If only 1 out of 10 of my followers commented on my posts, it would make 💯 comments for me to read. "
This is exactly why I don't make posts celebrating x amount of followers. at the moment I have 305 followers. On paper this seems like a decent number. But most of them are not interacting with me so it has little value. But I can't blame them. I also constantly comment on the content of only few people. Perhaps I am playing favorites. Perhaps being introvert plays part in this as well.


You probably know well why people don't interact with you: lack of Steem power. " Why would I interact with him if his upvote is 1cent" is the kind of mentality we should break.

A nonsense thing if we can write do not have to read. By reading we can add insight and can write fresh ideas


That's exactly what I don't want as a comment.

It does seem since more people have joined the comments have decreased which is a shame. But the platform is not being updated and will be its downfall as it have poor usability. I am now using a much better user interface 💯🐒