FIFA World Cup 2018 ✨⚽️🏆 How do you Cerebrate?

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Hello my friends! How are you doing?
This week @kawaiipower is writing @ladiesofasia 's blog.
We will post about World Cup 2018, Woohoo~! Have you been watching the games?
First I would like to say congratulations to Croatia, England, France and Belgium for being best 4!
It's too bad that none of our asian countries could not make it to the top but it's still fun to see sizzling hot games.


Let's start with Japan this week!
World Cup has been making my life so busy! I watch games everyday staying up super late! Japanese team is known as SAMURAI BlUE in Japan, so our main uniform is blue and we even have blue tissues and world cup theme character printed toilet papers! Beverage company has been promoting FIFA World Cup by giving out these disney freebies! Popular phone app called "SNOW" has world up designs too! Don't miss out everyone :)



Let's check out @livinguktaiwan 's post to see how they enjoy World Cup in Taiwan!
She went to watch England vs Panama in a pub in Taiwan the other week. . Choose a good match to go as England won 6-1!! There were some expats but actually more locals than I expected and overall it was a very good atmosphere. Football isn't very popular in Taiwan compared to basketball or baseball as Taiwan is quite USA influenced. However I was surprised to see quite a bit of football activities around, including two teams of children playing a proper game of football the other week inside a big shopping mall. I think it is becoming a bit more popular than before as there are more international influence, and particularly the younger generation don't want to be left out from what is popular around the rest of the world.



In Malaysia @elizacheng shared pictures of snacks to promote World Cup!
I see Pringles there! Potato chips + coke or beer, we are set to watch games! I guess it's the world common style!



Here we are! Let's take a look at China ! @mrspointm shares how they celebrate World Cup!
Many companies there sponsors FIFA World Cup :)
Recently, the news about the World Cup has been seen everywhere, even in my friends’circles of Wechat, I can see the latest information about it. Several days ago, I, together with my friends, went to the nearest plaza where the game of Japan vs Columbia was on. It was so exciting and wonderful. With beer offered, the plaza also made room for us to sit, enjoying such event.



Wow Hong Kong seems like they are in to World Cup too!
@nanosesame shares nice pictures with us!
In Hong Kong, soccer is one of the most famous sports, both playing and wstching. However, not all matches are board casted free. So, there are pay channel advertising. Or people go bar to watch. Of course, who choose to watch st home will well prepare with snacks and drinks/beer! Besides, shipping malls where have big screen wall may also do live stream to catch more customer.



Here comes Singapore ! Look at the many supporters watching the game! I want to join too!
@jrvacation shares picture of World Cup special packaged McDonald!
Soccer is the most watched sports in Singapore, with highest viewership for seasonal English Premier League. As such, Singaporeans are very supportive of England Team in FIFA World Cup due to their familiarities with the English team players. It is also interesting to note that Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the region to watch FIFA World Cup with the highest cable subscription rate for FIFA World Cup channels at SGD112 (USD88) in 2014. However, a welcoming move by the government to host free screenings of FIFA World Cup 2018 at 56 community clubs island wide for the first time in history has resulted in exceptional high viewership and popularity of this year’s matches. Till date, more than 360,000 Singaporean residents have watched FIFA World Cup 2018 from these community clubs. Fast food restaurants run promotions and World Cup merchandises are also available in mega marts. Not forgetting, legalized betting of FIFA World Cup match results in Singapore Pools - the state-owned lottery company in Singapore, with up to SGD1 million in total cash prize up for winning! How about you? Have you been involved in FIFA World Cup, supporting in anyway?



Here are are in Australia !
@travelgirl will tell us how they enjoy World Cup!
In Sydney, there haven't been many places with world cup vibes unfortunately. I have been catching up on world cup news from the newspapers most of the time. As you can see from one of the popular newspaper websites, the World Cup cover is third from the list. On Sportsbet, one of the biggest online betting site only highlights the State of Origin (massive popular here!!) on the bar to get people's attention.



Ok~ Now @wanderlass will tell us about World Cup in Philippines !
Football isn't a popular sport in the Philippines YET. But with social media, some Pinoys seem to have joined this international trend and might gain more popularity in the future. If you are in the Philippines, you can watch the game at a sports pub or bar where expats usually hang out. This photo here is a local sports pub, "kalye" is a Tagalog word for street.



How do you enjoy World Cup in your country?

There are many different ways to support our own team and enjoy the game :)
I hope you enjoy reading our blog!


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Love those FIFA-inspired merchandise! The craze is everywhere. Maybe the Philippines can catch the World Cup fever in the coming years :)

Most Australians only care about soccer when they are still in the game. Once they are out, no one is looking anymore.

We do have two guys at work who are French. I joked that it would be the most hilarious for everyone at work if England got into the final and win the World Cup


even while we were in the game, i can't see much "excitement" hahaha. we have an England rep here @livinguktaiwan. she has been betting England to win from day 1 hahahaha

GoGoGo...ole ole ole⚽️



@nanosesame you should ask me to take photos for you😂

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England all the way!!!!! #itscominghome